You Won’t Believe What Dez Bryant Just Bought

In the words of Jerry Maguire, Dez Bryant told Mr. Jones, SHOW ME THE MONEY.

It’s no secret that Dez Bryant signed his five year, $70 million dollar contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this week. That contract gets him $45 million guaranteed. NO BIG DEAL.

After he signed the paperwork, people were left wondering WWDD: What Will Dez Do?!

It’s obvious that any normal person would want to either celebrate or make a large purchase after signing a contract worth that many dollar bills. 💰 And, were talking about Dez Bryant. “Show-y” should be his middle name.

Vegas? A sports car? A yacht? A Private Island? OH MY. What will he choose with his new found mu-lah?!


Well, it looks like Dez decided to buy a brand new IO Hawk. The IO Hawk is a skateboard-like segway and is the newest craze in the celeb world right now. Dez made sure to post a video of him riding his newest purchase. 

In case you recognized this bad boy from another celeb, why yes, Miss Kendall Jenner owns one as well.

But now the question poses: What does this mean for future salaries of wide-receivers in the NFL? Tweet us at @coachsdaughters to let us know what you think!

– Hailey

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