You Won’t Believe What Dez Bryant Just Bought

Jerry Jones has clear expectations for the Cowboys.

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In the words of Jerry Maguire, Dez Bryant told Mr. Jones, SHOW ME THE MONEY.

It’s no secret that Dez Bryant signed his five year, $70 million dollar contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this week. That contract gets him $45 million guaranteed. NO BIG DEAL.

After he signed the paperwork, people were left wondering WWDD: What Will Dez Do?!

It’s obvious that any normal person would want to either celebrate or make a large purchase after signing a contract worth that many dollar bills. 💰 And, were talking about Dez Bryant. “Show-y” should be his middle name.

Vegas? A sports car? A yacht? A Private Island? OH MY. What will he choose with his new found mu-lah?!


Well, it looks like Dez decided to buy a brand new IO Hawk. The IO Hawk is a skateboard-like segway and is the newest craze in the celeb world right now. Dez made sure to post a video of him riding his newest purchase. 

Good times #throwupthex

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In case you recognized this bad boy from another celeb, why yes, Miss Kendall Jenner owns one as well.

got too cocky @phunkeeduck

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But now the question poses: What does this mean for future salaries of wide-receivers in the NFL? Tweet us at @coachsdaughters to let us know what you think!

– Hailey

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