Will Tiger Win Another Major?

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.01.11 PMNow personally, I have zero interest in golf, when it comes to watching at least. I understand that it is a fantastic sport that you can play at all ages of your life and is great for relaxing and honestly; I’d love to learn how to play. However, where’s the aggression? Where’s the physical contact? – Good thing football season is coming up 😉 I will admit though, the fact that the winner of the U.S. Open 2015 was down to the very last putt did make for an intense last few minutes. I’ll give it that!

But on to more important things!

Will Tiger Woods win another Major? If this picture to the left says anything, I’m going to go with no… Kudos on the caption @jrdellinger.

This past weekend at the U.S. Open, Woods placed 150th (out of 155, ouch). In other words, he didn’t even make it to play on Saturday or Sunday (double ouch).

Tiger_Woods_drives_by_AllisonRumor has it Woods is switching his swing around, so maybe this could be why he has been playing so poorly? His playing this past weekend was completely off in every aspect of the game. When it all boils down, Woods didn’t do anything right. Tiger Woods’ U.S. Open was worse than it looked (statistics showed that), and there is no simple fix-all that will change things for poor Woods. Viewers (knowledgeable and unknowledgeable alike) could easily see that Woods was completely lost on the course. Ultimately, his game looks broken and there is little hope for his comeback.

Word on the street is that Jordan Spieth looks like Tiger Woods 2.0 after Masters-U.S. Open Double at 21.

Woods is currently ranked 205th according to the Official World Golf Ranking.

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