Will Smith Takes the NFL Head On in New Movie “Concussion”

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Looks like Will Smith may be taking the NFL head on, literally.

The trailer for the new movie Concussion has been released, and Will Smith is playing the main role. If you read the GQ article “Game Brain” (by Jeanne Marie Laskas) back in 2009, this story will sound familiar to you.

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Directed by Peter Landesman, the film is based on the true story of the Nigerian-born forensic neuropathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu (played by Will Smith).

Dr. Bennet Omalu? WHOOO-DEE-WHOOOO?

Oh ya know, just the first Doctor to discover and prove that repeated head trauma can cause a neuro-degenerative disease, called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which can lead to death.  

Yes, Dr. Omalu made his discovery after performing an autopsy on Mike Webster, the former Pittsburgh Steeler. Furthermore, he backed his discovery case after examining the brains of other NFL stars, including Terry Long, Andre Waters and Dave Duerson.

As if making the discovery wasn’t enough, Dr. Omalu had to fight to tell this new truth and make it known. And, well, the NFL wasn’t going to surrender to that fight easily.

As seen in the trailer, while Dr. Omalu is fighting for the truth, he is told, “You’re going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week.” In fact, the NFL would continue to deny the connection, try to discredit him, accuse him of “fraud,” and even try to silence him.

This had all gone the exact opposite way that Dr. Omalu had predicted. Dr. Omalu said initially…

 “So I was excited. I thought the football industry would be happy with our new discovery. I thought naively that discovery of new information, unraveling new information, redefining concepts, I thought the football industry would embrace it — again, about my business experience — utilize it, turn it into some type of utility, some type of utility function to enhance the game. […] That was what I thought in my naive state of mind. But unfortunately I was proven wrong, that it wasn’t meant to be that way.”

Think about that for a second…

On top of all this, there is email proof that Sony altered the film to make sure it did not displease the NFL or cause protest. Seriously?! TELL THE TRUTH!

The movie will be hitting theaters on December 25, Christmas and, oh wait, smack dab before the NFL playoffs.



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