Why We Wish UCLA Was Going to Omaha


Take me out to Omaha, take me out to the field. Let’s go watch some college baseball; their tight pants draw in my appeal! Sorry, was that too forward? Whatever, half the fun of baseball games is seeing hot guys in tight pants (#amiright?!) But the other half is catching a walk-off homer or a perfectly pitched game.

As usual, this year’s NCAA College World series will be held at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, from June 13th-23rd/24th. Get your tickets here. Be prepared for 10 days of baseball, baseball and more baseball!

Being a West Coast (best coast) girl, I was stoked that UCLA had a top billing going into the College World Series. If you live on the West Coast and know anything about baseball, you know that UCLA’s coach, John Savage was named Coach of the Year and is a well-respected coach that recruits very well (as he should, considering he has been coaching at UCLA for 11 years this season.) So it was a real bummer when UCLA lost to Maryland by strike out. Questionable call. Not still bitter or anything.


If you take a peek online at the boys’ stats and faces (we have to see if there are any up and coming cuties, DUH), you will see that this season the boys put up some pretty great numbers. For example, pitcher David Berg was named Pitcher of the Year, and they also have multiple guys on All-Conference teams.

Then there’s Darrell Miller Jr. Boy does this guy have some family background in sports. The UCLA  catcher is son to former big leaguer Darrell Miller who played for the Angels in the ’80s, and his uncle Reggie Miller and aunt Cheryl Miller are both in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. If FullSizeRender-4you’re old enough, you might remember Reggie Miller as the player who destroyed the Knicks in the 1995 East Semis by scoring eight points in nine seconds for the Pacers to win the game. Bad. Ass. Regardless, Darrell Miller Jr. looks like he’s on the same streak to glory. He has even been described by on air announcers as the best batter west of the Mississippi. And don’t worry Darrell, we still think that ump was blind in that Maryland call to end the game.

Like I said, not still bitter or anything.

Ultimately, UCLA has a talented team to work with and should continue to be successful next year. So you better watch out Maryland! No freebies next time.

We also cannot go without mentioning James Kaprielian, who is ranked number 28 in the 2015 Draft,Kaprielian5__1432655668 according to MLBpipeline.com. Plus, Kaprielian has a story to tell. When he was just four years old, his mother, Barbara Kaprielian was diagnosed with breast cancer. In June 2014, she lost her 14-year battle to cancer. Now Kaprielian pitches in his mother’s memory, with a stadium seat even engraved in honor of her.

College_World_Series_2006_-_Finals_Game_2_openingSo if you’re wondering if we thought UCLA was going to make it to Omaha. Well, yeah. But hey, there’s always next season! In the mean time, be sure to check out the Omaha schedule.

For those of you who are going to be there, have a BLAST! And have a beer for us girls on the West Coast!


Who knows, maybe if there’s some serious babes, cold booze and good ball games, we might just have to pop on a flight!

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