Why Playing In the Lingerie Football League Would Actually be Awesome


Ya girl loves her some football.

I love fall. I love tailgating. I love drinking spiked hot chocolate. I love cheering loudly as my team scores touchdown after touchdown (still crushing on you, Russell!)

Like many of the girls here at TCD, in high school, I was a cheerleader so that I could be closer to the field, thus closer to the action. I’m just ’bout that action, boss.

I love getting together with the guys, grabbing a few beers (for each hand, duh) and crowding around the TV to watch a good game. When the boys are tossing the ball around, I love showing off. No one ever believes me when I say I can throw a perfect spiral. Now I’m no Connor Halliday or Russell Wilson (hello, cuties!), but for a girl, let’s just say I’m not too shabby. (I’m sure I could do it in 6-inch heels too. Don’t believe me? Well I’m still not afraid of a challenge…)

Basically, I can hang with the boys and I’m not sorry about it. But back to my point.

Legends Football League

Who says girls can’t play football anyways? I get that football is a man’s sport, I do. There are some things men can do that women just shouldn’t, and vice versa. Football might just be one of them.

Unless there’s a way for these women to be objectified, i.e. running around minimally clothed? Hmm? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock (or you don’t like big boobs or half naked girls running around, tackling each other), you are well aware of the women’s Lingerie Football League. Because, duh…


Well ladies, while your own opinions may not match mine, I think playing in this league would be totally KICK-ASS!

And I think most guys would agree with me when I say there is nothing lady-like about running around minimally clothed, but how much fun does it sound to tackle other girls? Take a big running start and just dive?

What? No? Just me? Oops..

One of the upsides would definitely be your fighting chance when the boys are picking teams for a quick pick up game at the beach or for the annual Turkey Bowl. Anyone looking for a quarterback? My accuracy would blow you away…

Judging by the rules, this game sounds like a lot of fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me out on the field next season! 😉 The next football game is this Saturday, August 1st in none other than the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Kent, Washington! The Seattle Mist is playing the Las Vegas SIN. Buy your tickets here.

And while I won’t be on the field just yet, maybe you’ll see me there! Wait, does anybody actually want to go to this with me? I might need to scope out my competition here…

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