Why People Who Hate Hockey Are the Same as People Who Hate Country Music

TCD girls killing it at Stagecoach! And yes, we all love hockey too!

So I have this theory.

Cowboy hats & cut off jeans… Because, STAGECOACH.

People who say that they “hate” hockey are the same as people who say that they “hate” country music. Want to know why? It’s as simple as this. Because they’ve never been to a live event.

TCD’s Hailey & Courtney at Stagecoach

Now country concerts are just God’s gift to this green earth.

Every person that has told me they hate country music has changed their mind when I bring them to (HA-LLE-LU-JAH, HA-LLE-LU-JAH) STAGECOACH: where the beer and the whiskey is ever-flowing and the jean cutoffs can’t get much shorter. The atmosphere is insane. Everyone is just happy to be there wearing a good ole’ pair of cowboy boots and a trusty cowboy hat. It really is a man’s paradise.

Stagecoach boys 😉

Oh, and ladies it’s not so bad for us either. Don’t get me started on those country boys.

And then there’s always the music. Such easy listening and could not scream #mericuh louder if it tried. Frankie Ballard’s song gives a pretty good image of it: “Country girls swayin’ to the song that’s plain’.”

TCD’s Hailey, Courtney & Briana at Stagecoach

Country music is about living in the moment and slowing down to enjoy the moments: back roads, cold beer, straight whiskey, mud on the tires, bikini tops and cut offs, the men who fight for our country, lifted trucks. I mean, isn’t that why we love this country?!

As for hockey games, yes, some would argue any sport is better to watch in person at the game than in front of your TV, but hockey is a WORLD’s difference in person. For starters, what other sport do the players get to brawl it out while the fans pound on the glass to cheer them on?


Hockey fans are the loudest and the rowdiest. No matter how many rows back they are. If you’re Red-Wing-Bruins-Hockeylucky and you’re at a real rivalry game, you’ll see the fans really get into it with each other; which is great because you’ll have just about every team fan in that place trying to back each other up.

TCD does hockey. Specifically, Courtney & Carly starting young!

It’s not like a baseball game where you feel the need to only yell and cheer if there is currently a chant going on, or that old guy in the American flag onesie sitting in front of you just started a chant. Everyone is always yelling and practically spilling their beers on each other, and that’s okay because you are all sharing in the beauty of the sport. So feel free to hoot and holler at anytime, because it’s not like the whole row in front of you will turn around and judge you.

Well, unless you yelled “TOEWS SUCKS” and you’re in Chi-Town, than you might have some problems from the 6’5 mountain of a man you just now noticed rocking the Toews jersey in front of you.

Parros being the “hockey player” that he is.

But hey, just because I’m a little blonde girl who may stand a full foot shorter than him doesn’t mean I’m going to stand down! I got a Parros jersey on my back. A true definition of “a hockey player.

So I’m not going to stand down (even though my mother wishes I would), because where’s the fun in that?!

I’m the true definition of a hockey fan and so is this Toews fan. He would be disappointed if I stood down. We both might as well rip off our jerseys now if we decide to sit down and shut up. Because this is hockey, and if we’re going to rep true hockey players, we better hoot and holler like true hockey fans. And that my friends, is why people love going to live events. The atmosphere. And who makes the atmosphere? The fans.

TCD’s Paige & Courtney at Stagecoach

Events are what you make of them, so do it right. Be the loudest and the rowdiest of the crowd, and even if you’re not, you’re enjoying all the fans who are. Because they make it an event.

Call me crazy, but if you don’t like hockey or country music and you have actually been to an event, (aka you cannot enjoy a beer and some good entertainment) then I think it’s about time you jump ship and head on overseas to communist land, because clearly america just isn’t your cup of tea.

And that’s fine. Because at the end of the day, we TCD girls would rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than a plain, old cup of tea.



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