Why NFL Preseason 100% Does Matter

131526-650-366NFL Preseason.
I’m not going to lie, I do go back and forth on whether or not it really matters. I mean, the Seahawks lost to the Broncos two weeks ago and then to the CHIEFS. BY A POINT… Yeah, that hurt. And when games like that happens it makes me want to be like oh whatever, it’s just preseason. BUT at the end of the day, let me put it this way: Preseason absolutely does matter, 110%. Here’s why.
It not only gives coaching staff the opportunity to look at how their second and third string players play in a real life game situation as opposed to practice walk-throughs, but it in turn gives second and third string players a chance to prove what they’ve got.
Obviously each player is on the team for a reason. Each player works their butt off to get where they are. But nothing is ever handed to you, as it shouldn’t be. And preseason is the perfect time to give it all you got.
Off the field, key players also play an important role.
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Photo: Richard Sherman Instagram

Take Richard Sherman for example, during the Hawks game against the Broncos.

Did you see him sitting around on the side lines cracking jokes? No sir! He was out getting into it (in a playful, supportive manner, of course) with his teammates. He was pumping them up and talking to them, just as he would if he was in the game.
Just because he was not able to be on that field and playing, he was still making an impact. And that’s exactly what coaches are looking for. No coach wants a kick a$$ player who’s lazy AF!
And let’s not forget about another main reason preseason is CRUCIAL. For those of you who watched the Packers vs. Steelers game Sunday or made the horrific mistake of drafting Jordy Nelson to your fantasy team this season, then you already know.
Uhm, HELLO! Jordy Nelson tore his ACL in the game against the Steelers Sunday and will now most likely be out the entire season for the Packers. That’s not chill and I don’t even like the Packers. An injury like that has the capability to make or break your team’s season. Like that really SUCKS.
So yes, at the end of the day, preseason is preseason. You win some, you lose some. The outcome of the game doesn’t necessarily matter. But from kick off to the final whistle, that’s where all the important stuff goes down. The score may be just a score, but what happens during the game can determine the rest of the season.

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