Why Nashville should be your next trip

Calling all “Nashville” fans!

And honestly, anyone who loves a good time or that sweet southern hospitality!

This city truly has it all: live music, entertainment, history, nightlife and food.

But, easily the best part of Nashville has to be the music scene.

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There is a reason Nashville is called “the city that music calls home.”

Nashville is a city that’s built on music.

One place that can’t be missed is the Grand Ole Opry, one of the most popular music venues in the country.

And don’t think this has to be something you plan your entire trip around for a show — they have live shows about three nights a week.

Another tribute to the music of Nashville filled with history is the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Another touristy spot is Bluebird Cafe — Nashville fans, you know what I’m talking about!

A lot of songwriters perform original music here, but it is a bit away from the city.

(Photo credit: The Peep Holes)


The heart of the city in downtown on Broadway obviously has its own fun spots to hit.

There’s the legendary Tootsies and then of course the three-story Honky Tonk.

But if you want to venture to where all the Vanderbilt kids go to near Music Row off Demonbreun street — it is always a good time, too.

And another bar that made a cameo on the show Nashville is Foobar.

It was only on one episode, but it’s also an awesome dive bar off the beaten path if that’s more of your thing.

Be warned though California folk — you’re allowed to smoke in bars so come closing time it is quite smokey during the nightlife on the weekends.

(Photo credit: Loveless cafe)

Food & Drinks

My other love, FOOD.

Nashville can cater to any type of food lover. Probably some of the best fried chicken out there as well.

I would check out Loveless Café, if you want some seriously awesome fried chicken and some good southern cooking.

I mean, look at that fried chicken and mac with a good ole sweet tea in this photo.


Scoreboard Bar & Grill is also a good spot to check out.

Also some of the most crafty cocktails I’ve seen are in Nashville.

If you’re more of a beer lover, you can check out some of the famous distilleries. Jackalope Brewing Co. pretty awesome.

If you want a little of both, Nashville has plenty of food and drink festivals you can plan your trip around.

(Photo credit: Flickr/Michael Brown)


If you want to work off all the food you ingest while there, Nashville has some amazing parks and gardens you can check out.

You can even go on a bike tour and really check out the scenery.

If you want to enjoy lake activities, Nashville has some great ones to choose from.

Nashville is definitely a place worth visiting, especially for my country lovers out there.

All this said, Nashville definitely needs to be on my travel arrangements for 2018.

Plus, you know a girl could always use some new cowboy boots.

Trip to the CMA’s, anyone?

— Taylor

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