Which MLB hot starts are the real deal?

We are well into April and yet some ballparks are still covered in snow — crazy I know — but that doesn’t mean this MLB season isn’t off to a blazing hot start.

Kicking off the season right, six teams are on top of the world with 12 wins or better (none of which are the Yankees… No, I’m not worried.)

But are these teams a force to be reckoned with or just blowing smoke?

Let’s start with the leaders of the NL East…

The New York Mets (13-4)

It has been all positives for the Mets:

  1. The starters are healthy.
  2. Michael Conforto returned sooner than expected from shoulder surgery.
  3. Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom have started six of the team’s 10 games.
  4. Jeurys Familia has racked up six saves already.

Final Verdict:

Absolutely not the real deal.

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Disclaimer: This is actually me whenever I hear Mets fans say “this is our year.” It is also them in September — just sayin.

Why not? Because they are the Mets, that’s why.

The Mets have this funny thing (it’s not funny) where they start off amazing and actually convince their poor fans that “THIS is their year.”

Then suddenly, RIGHT after the All-Star break, they forget how a baseball moves and get confused that batting, in fact, require manual work. It’s honestly just horrible.

Although they are projected to win their division, I’m just not ever convinced of their abilities to produce any real results.And that’s not even me being bias, just go look in a history book.

Next up… (UGH) leading the AL East…

The Boston Red Sox (15-2)

1) Their starting rotation has 1.68 ERA which it’s clear to me that that’s a sign of cheating. (It’s not actually, I’m just bitter right now.)
2) David Price has had two scoreless outings.

3) Rick Porcello has been solid.

Final Verdict:

Maybe. UGH — we’ll see…

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OK, so this verdict may have some Yankee fan bias, but hear me out on this.

The Yankees are projected to win the division, but are still working on their kinks with the addition to stud, Giancarlo Staton to the lineup.

I know, it’s hard not to overreact and get excited over Price’s great start or Stanton’s bad start (oye vey), but that’s why we exercise caution — it’s early.

The Red Sox and Yankees finish the season with a three-game series at Fenway which could decide the division.

Up next, the top dogs in the NL Central…

The Pittsburgh Pirates (12-6)

What’s their strength? OFFENSE.

  1. They’re hitting .286/.357/.462. 
  2. They are averaging 6.6 runs per game (best in the majors, FYI).
  3. Felipe Vazquez — the closer formerly known as Felipe Rivero — gives them an elite late-game ace.

Final Verdict:

Is it safe to say “H-E-double-hockey-sticks” to the no? Cause your girl just did.

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Although their offense is red hot, they do not have enough pitching depth to stay in the race all season in what looks like a tough division.

BUT if you’re looking for a dark horse team, look no further than Pitt.

On top of the world in the AL West…

The Los Angeles Angels (13-5)

  1. Shohei Ohtani (nuff said).
  2. Angels have the best slugging percentage in the majors.
  3. Very good defensively.

Final Verdict:

The Wild Card, probably.

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Angels fans are singing hallelujah to the heavens above because they finally have more then just Mike Trout carrying their team! Ohtani is proving to be the real deal whether or not the Angels hot start itself is the real deal.

Still, there are some concerns.

The six-man rotation already has some issues as JC Ramirez is out for the season with Tommy John surgery and Matt Shoemaker is on the DL with a forearm strain.

The Angels would need a serious bullpen upgrade and I’m just not convinced stars like Albert Pujols will give them the offensive strength they need to be taken seriously.

Next up, the defending World Series Champs…

The Houston Astros (12-7)

It would only be right to have them on this list as they started off hot AND are defending their title this season! 

  1. The Astros’ rotation has a 1.88 ERA.
  2. Gerrit Cole.
  3. Their lineup is insane.

Final Verdict:



They’re predicted to win over 100 games and I believe it!

Although they’re currently ranked fifth lowest strikeout rate in the majors, it’s their lineup that saves them EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Finally, leading the NL West…

The Arizona Diamondbacks (12-5)

The D-Backs are first in the NL West and they don’t (currently) show any signs of slowing down. 

  1. The rotation has a 3.18 ERA with 79 strikeouts in 65 innings.
  2. Patrick Corbin’s new approach of throwing sliders and more sliders has been effective.
  3. Zack Godley has allowed one run in 14 innings.

Final Verdict:

Only time will tell as it’s mystery.

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Health and production from David Peralta and A.J. Pollock are absolutely vital.

They definitely need another bat to really be competitive, but it’s most certainly their pitching that will keep them close to the dangerous Dodgers towards the end of the season. 

Also got to give a shout out to the Toronto Blue jays, because y’all are killing it, too.

Agree with me or disagree with me? You know the drill.

Hit me up in the comments or tweet at us and let us know!

Your girl is always game for a good-natured, sports debate.

— Nicolette


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