What to Wear on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and we’re pumped.

When it comes to SB gear you have plenty of options. Some people get dressed up and others go dressed down for a more casual look. Our advice is why not mix a little of both?

For those of you who want to pick a team, but don’t have gear to rep — no problem!

No gear, no problem

Rock the team’s colors with a flannel or even a basic tee. And hey, adding a Hermes belt and booties like our friend Courtney did here always compliments your look.

Trojan Horsed this Trojan Game 🀘🏼 #Big12Love

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Or how about a generic sporty tee or sweater? We’ve seen my sis rock this sports No. 94 sweater for game day! Plus throwing on some Vans might be a good idea too, considering Vans may be the new adidas in the fashion. And if you’re not really sporty, but love to get your drink on for SB, then we got a shirt for you, too! How about a boozey pun? You like Budweiser or Bud Light? Well, damn. Then you’re really gonna like this MOA brand shirt my girl Morgan designed.



πŸ‘€ @marge1818


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Be Wiser? I think yes. Damn, this will even come in handy when people start going full fan girl for their team mid-game.

If you want some gear in time for the big day, then you know what to do – Amazon Prime, baby! Literally I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Check out these cute tees we found.

Geared up

If you have gear, even better!

Throw on some jeans (ripped or solid), tennis shoes and your jersey. And for sure kick up the style notch with some curled locks and designer add ons.

Fresh kicks

Now your adidas, Vans or Nike Roshes will be just fine, but don’t be afraid to spice things up.

If you’re feeling super extra, you can rock over-the-knee boots.

Add a layer

Time to add one more layer for some dimension. A jacket. Leather jacket, bomber jacket, or even a jean jacket.

Brittany Barkley did a perfect job of adding some spicy-ness to her outfit with this red leather jacket.


Jersey dress

Ladies that want to wear a dress or skirt of some sort, there’s absolutely ways to do that. Take Ciara for example. She rocked a jersey as a dress with some combat boots!


Still gives the vibe that you tried, but not too hard.

Here’s some jersey’s you can order asap to get Ciara’s look.

Top it off

If it’s chilly where you’ll be watching the game, throw on a hat or a beanie to top it all off.

My sis has even gone with the full flannel and beanie look for a day of football before.


As for me, I’ll likely rock a team tee, my Nike Roshes, and some jewelry accents.

I mean, yeah, I wish the Packers were in it, but that leads me to another point…

Don’t feel obligated to wear gear for one of the two teams in the actual Super Bowl if you’re not feeling it. Wear whoever your team is, and rock it.

Plus, it’s a conversation starter wherever you plan on going for the big game, giving you another chance to talk about your team and next season.

That’s a true fan right there.

— Hailey

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