How to wear fishnets under jeans

Fishnets under jeans. You’ve seen it, but are you willing to try it?

We say, why not?!

Yes, it’s a gutsy style that can go horribly wrong, but if done correctly, you got yourself a killer look.

Here’s some of our favorite ways they’re being worn.

Tossing on your favorite cropped sweatshirt and ripped jeans is some of the best ways we’re seeing it. Plus, at least you got comfort going for you up top.

blonde in ripped jeans and fishnets
(Photo credit: Pinterest)
girl in green cropped hoodie camo jacket fishnets and distressed jeans
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Take it up a notch with black high heel booties and extremely distressed, faded jeans.

girl in fishnets and ripped jeans
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blonde wearing leather jacket fishnets and distressed jeans
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Or class it up with some pumps and a nice jacket.

Olivia Pommier wearing ripped jeans and fishnets
(Photo credit: Instagram/@olivialafabuleuse)

And who says you have to stick to black? These white fishies really caught our attention for a different perspective on the trend.

white fishnets ripped jeans and white stilettos
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Or if these looks are a little too bold for your liking, go for something simple, like just a crop top and regular jeans. That way the fishnets only peek out the top for a trendy, but more subtle look.

girl in cropped tee fishnets and black jeans
(Photo credit: Lupsona)

Or if that’s even too much, take a note from Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner in fishnets jeans and clear boots
(Photo credit: WhoWhatWear)

Well, Kenny is rocking her fishnets with clear boots – a whole different statement – but any bootie with some cropped jeans with the fishnets ankle-peaking will do.

Also if you’re thinking this look is on the expensive side, think again!

Here’s a couple of super affordable fishnets on Amazon.

And now let’s hook you up with some seriously ripped jeans so you can see the fishnets underneath. Try these options.

Now remember: the look is definitely a bold one, so if you’re going to wear it, be sure to own it. Confidence is key.

The world is your damn runway.

Now go slay!

— Courtney

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