We Like Big Buns

Oh yes we do. I mean, who doesn’t like big buns?

635720236524733994-2135823504_coverFYI- I’m talking about top buns! But real buns are great too. Do your squats people!

Back to top buns…

It’s the new easy style that everyone seems to be doing (including myself).

I’m not going to give her the credit because I’m not a fan of hers, but Ariana Grande did wear it first (although many people wear it better, just saying!)19-stunning-top-knot-hair--large-msg-136276791868

Dress it up or leave it casual. It’s perfect for brunch, a game, a date or anything in between.

I normally use a little hair clip, but a rubber band works great also. To switch it up add a braid. Super cute.

There’s also the option of putting all your hair up into a bun.

So top buns ARE A GO! And enough with the man buns… They have GOT TO GO!

– Paige

ParYh_XLg4FyUzr7_d3CLEr1y6jusdnGBu_UXqMu2mEPaige Kiss

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