The Vegas Golden Knights are on fire — Sin City? Try WIN City!

I think its time we address what could possibly be the HOTTEST topic in the NHL right now — the Vegas Golden Knights.

I mean, come on. This team did not even exist a year ago! And here they are, not only winning games, but absolutely destroying teams every time they enter the rink.

Who called this one? I know I didn’t.

How can anyone expect a brand new melting pot of a team to be a tough competitor? All I know is the entire league and hockey fans all over are shocked, as they should be.

Just last year every NHL team locked up the players that they weren’t willing to give up. All players who weren’t protected by their team were up for grabs in the expansion draft. So basically what I take that as, is that anyone who is not a superstar in the NHL was fair game for head coach, Gerard Gallant, to form his team.

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Yes, there were rules on how many of each position the team had to pick and, of course, player contracts were considered. But simply put, Las Vegas was allowed to choose one player from each team in the league making a roster of 30 players.

So here is the secret to what I think most people didn’t catch…

Superstars always overshadow the hard working bump and grinders who see the ice on the third or fourth line. Those guys are the middle of the pack — “Average Joes” of the league (let’s say) — who would kill to be on the first line and work their butts off to try to get there. Las Vegas got a team full of those underrated and overshadowed players, so you better believe they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Damn. Maybe we should have seen this coming? It totally makes sense once you consider the work ethic and heart of these players.

This Las Vegas team definitely hit the jackpot when drafting their players.

How about that goalie of theirs? Marc-Andre Fleury is a 3-time Stanley Cup champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pittsburgh could only save one goalie for the expansion draft, so they put their faith in Matt Murray, the younger guy who is a solid goaltender with undoubted potential. And then you have guys like James Neal from the Nashville Predators and William Karlsson from the Columbus Blue Jackets who both have over 20 goals this season for the Golden Knights.

Saves or snow angels? ☃️

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Sin City? More like WIN city! The Golden Knights are first place in the Pacific division and second place in the entire league. Since when has any pro sports team built a franchise that in its first season performed this well? If you can’t think of an answer it’s probably because this would be the first.

Not to mention, the Golden Knights are only half way through their season. The Tampa Bay Lightning better watch out because the Golden Knights are trailing so close behind to steal that No. 1  spot.

Before, you went to Las Vegas to drink and gamble. But now, going to see the Golden Knights play might become a thing. This team has a city of thrilled fans behind them and they deserve it. Could they make it to the Stanley Cup? I’ll let you decide that on your own, but my money says yes.

What do you say ladies? Road trip to see this beast of a team and hit the strip while we’re at it?

— Sara

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