Are Vans the new adidas?

vans jeans white fuzzy sweater
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Don’t panic, your adidas white and black stripe classic sneaks are still dope. But, let’s just say, there’s a new dog taking over the fashion scene – Vans.

Yes, the cool kid shoes you rocked in middle school. (Cue Avril Lavigne’s Sk8r Boi.)

vans casual street wear london
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Vans have conquered the skate scene since we were tots, but now, they are popping up all over our Instagram feed whether it be on fashion bloggers, celebs or your very own posse. Specifically, the Old Skool Vans and the checkered slips.


The classic black and white stripe skate shoe is the queen bee per say, but don’t count out it’s checkered slip-on counterpart.

sincerely jules checkered vans slip ons street wear
(Photo credit: Instagram/@sincerelyjules)

Part of the reason these shoes are trending is because just like in middle school, they give off the ultimate cool girl vibe. Like I’m a casual skater girl, but I’m also a serious fashionista rocking a $300 coat, too.

Balance, people.

Our favorite ways they’re being worn? I rock mine with destroyed boyfriend jeans and a cozy sweater.

blonde with braids wearing fur pom beanie, sports sweater, destroyed jeans and vans old skool shoes drinking starbucks
(Photo credit: Instagram/@courtdoesports

And you can wear them with fur. Always fur.

salty blonde vans fur coat brixton hat
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Or do like my girl Mackenna does and just pile on the neutrals and throw on a beanie.

mackenna jeanne checkered vans
(Photo credit: Instagram/@mackenna_jeanne)

So, if you’re sick of pulling on your winter boots, toss on some Vans and channel your inner Avril Lavigne.

Just do us a favor and leave the skateboard at home.

— Courtney

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