USA vs. Japan- Robo Style: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor MegaBots


Putting me in the tech world is like Kim Kardashian trying to say that she actually had a say in her codes behind her video game, but hey… We all like to watch her try right?

All I know is if you’re going to put me in a tech conversation, I prefer iPhone over android and I’ve always wanted to watch real life robots brawl. Maybe it’s because I’m so obsessed with bumble bee from Transformers.

Although details are scarce, the US based company “MegaBots” sent a hilarious video to the Japan based company “Suidobashi Heavy Industry” calling out their robot and asking for an all out duel.

Will our rivalry with Japan ever end? Probably not.

Of course, Japan was just as creative in sending a video response back and agreed to let the shenanigans go down.

Wait a minute. You realize how big these things are right? They’re f*cking HUGE. Like actually Transformers size.


Anyways, to our knowledge, there isn’t really a date and time or place of when and where this will go down, but don’t worry I’ll let you know when I find out. Japan is presumed to be favored, but you know we bleed red, white and blue over here at TCD, so you know who’s corner I’ll be in.


Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, the robot is Green Bay Packers colors. I’m sold!
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