Top 5 Super Bowl LII commercials

This years’ Super Bowl commercials varied across the board. Some companies took the serious and heart-melting route, while others took the belly-laugh, funny route.

Either way, there were plenty to choose from when it came to narrowing down a Top 5.

1. Tide — all of them

I mean, how could it not be number one? Not only did they have several ads throughout the Super Bowl, but each one made me actually LOL.

The first Tide commercial that aired, where he asks the viewers, “So, does this make every Super Bowl ad a Tide ad?” DEAD.

I’m still thinking about that commercial two days later, so clearly Tide did a good job of getting my attention.

I never knew how funny Hopper, from Stranger Things, was in real life. I went and followed him just because of these freaking Tide Ads.

Check out all of the Tide Ads combined into one video, on Tide’s Youtube post:

2. NFL: Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning, Last Dance

If you know football, you know these two guys.

The two of them doing a “save the last dance” lift on the field is too good to be true. Which made it even funnier that these two stars replayed the magical moment we all know and love.

This year especially, I have continuously been thinking about how these NFL players have to practice their touchdown celebrations after practice, if they really want it to be perfect.

Now, we got a glimpse into how they master those six-point worthy moves.

Side note: The only reason this one is not No. 1 is because Tide carried their commercials through the entire SB guaranteeing even if you hit the bathroom you were bound to see one of them.

3. Avocados from Mexico

Okay y’all, I DIED of laugher from this one.

Like, I was still laughing halfway through the following commercial because I couldn’t regain my composure quick enough. And it wasn’t because of the fabulous margs I made for game day.

Maybe it’s because I truly love chips and guac, so I understood the fear of having one without the other. LOL.

Chips + Guac = Life. Re-watch it here:

4. Toyota: Good Odds and One Team

I’m giving Toyota two wins in one spot, because both of these commercials made my eyes well and heart full.

The first Toyota commercial that aired before the big game is titled “Good Odds”. It depicts the true story of Lauren Woolstencroft, born a paraplegic, becoming a Paralympic athlete against all odds.

As she grows up and trains harder throughout the commercial, you are able to see her odds of becoming a Paralympic athlete turn into reality. Talk about the American Dream.

Yes, I am crying. But so are you!

The second commercial that Toyota aired, was called “One Team”. It shows four very different men, carpooling together in a Toyota, to the one thing that brings all of their differences together — football.

I love how sports have a power to bring people together, so that’s probably why this one hit home for me.

5. MassMutual: “I’ll Stand By You”

The commercial starts by asking the viewers, “What kind of world do we live in?”

When that written question hits the television screen, you can’t help but think of the negative that has been going on lately. Yet, MassMutual tricked us.

Instead, they chose to show us some of the most uplifting and true stories of 2017. Perhaps, stories that we most likely missed.

Stories like…

  • A group of Bikers that escorted an 11 year old boy, victim to bullying, to his first day of school
  • A family that welcomed a homeless man to live in their home
  • Strangers that rushed to help strangers as Hurricane Harvey hit

Oh, and MassMutual didn’t use actors for this commercial. They used the real people that constituted these true stories, and brought them together to sing the song, “I’ll Stand By You”.

Chills, right?

It’s clear that MassMutual was giving us all a reminder that there truly is more good in the world, than there is bad.

If you want to read a little more detail into all of the stories shown in this commercial, click here.


Feel free to give me a shout on what you thought were the best Super Bowl Commercials this year!


— Hailey

 Hailey Kiss

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