The ultimate Coachella style guide

’Tis the season for Coachella!

The Chellsss. Coachella… Ella-ella-ella, eh-eh-eh.

OK, I’m done.

Coachella is one of the most prestigious concert weekenders depending on your taste. But seriously, you can’t deny — everyone knows it, everyone loves it and everyone wants to go! 

The star-studded appeal is enough to want to go if the music ain’t your thing.

But then again, really? You don’t like the likes of some classic rock ACDC style?

And I’m sorry – Beyoncé?


Regardless of who you are there to see, one thing all festival goers constantly ask themselves (ESPECIALLY for Coachella) is…

WTF am I going to wear?

The thing I love most about going to festivals is that you get to truly express yourself through your clothes without judgement from the outside world.

That said, let me tell you something — people can get REALLY expressive.

For those of you who don’t have a clue what to wear, I got you.

I have come up with all themes spanning across all different festival vibes and where to find these fabulous threads. 

For my hardcore party people…

The Rainbow Warrior

You are always up for a good time and can be found rocking anything neon, bright or holographic.

That said, if you haven’t heard of Dolls Kill yet, then — girl, where you been?

This brand is a staple for SURE!


Photo Credit: IG/dollskill

Throw on a onesie (or even a one piece swimsuit) and hello, gorgeous!

Plus can we talk about the glitter part hair trend?

Work it, girl!

A post shared by Dolls Kill (@dollskill) on Celebs like Cara Delevigne, Amber Rose, Alessandra Ambrosio and Paris Hilton have all been seen donning some their hottest items.

And can we talk about their boots?

If you like that platform trend like myself, this is the spot for you.

Check out these babies.

A post shared by Dolls Kill (@dollskill) on For my babies trying to adapt that tribal, hippie life… 

The Woodstock Princess

You like to go with the flow — and for that matter — like anything that flows.

Bring on the maxi skirts, shawls and bell bottoms!

Think less about where you buy, but how you buy.

A post shared by Karena Dawn (@karenadawn) on Throw your flow over a tiny top (crochet, perhaps?) and some ripped jeans or shorts.

As for shoes, how about your fave pair of boots or booties, you earthy babe?

A post shared by Carolina Lindo (@imnotsorrydarling) on Top it off with a wide brim hat and a choker.

Think Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, ASOS.

For those looking for a street style…

The Concrete Jungle Lioness 

Yes, an ode to my bio.

You are a boss babe and when it comes to your music, Coachella might as well be a national holiday.

You rock your best looks repping your city and your teams with a new flair because, well, you’re now in a desert and not your city streets.

Think sneakers, crop tops, cutoffs, and jerseys.

I’m trying to bring back wearing jerseys as a style. And, quite frankly, it’s working.

Just sayin’.

A post shared by Julia Rodrigues (@juliarodrigues2) on Again — don’t skimp on the details — hoops, bandanas, belts and clear glasses in any shade.

Baby, it all work.

A post shared by Rickey Thompson (@rickeythompson) on To my concrete jungle ladies, remember — you’re a lioness and no matter where you go, your style will reign true.

Another thing: if you’re not feeling any of these, the beauty of these festivals is you can always just come in tee and shorts.

Straight up.

Because it’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it. If you bring good vibes along, you’ll be feeling good and looking good.

‘Til the Chells my friends…

— Nicolette 

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