Tinder v. Bumble

Now-a-days it seems like every college aged kid has some kind of “dating” app on their phone. I put it in quotations because we all know that most people aren’t really on it for dating. If you think people are actually looking for their “Tinderella”, re-read that last sentence again until it sinks in.

Casually hooking up has become the norm for millennials. Don’t deny it. You know it’s true.  So I can safely assume that everyone reading this has either downloaded Tinder or at least knows what it is. Again, Don’t deny it. You know that you have it and secretly swipe during class or at family dinners. And it’s not like it’s something to be ashamed of. Hilary Duff even says she goes on tinder dates. Leonardo Dicaprio has it too. (Now  I know if you didn’t have it you just downloaded it so you can start swiping right.)1tinder_tinderella2

Well the downside of Tinder (or amusement) is the extensive amount of guys on it that are just
straight up creepers. Some so much to the point that you’ll just straight up delete the app because you’re sick of getting notifications blowing up on your screaming to the world you’re slutting it up on Tinder (even if you’re actually not). Do I even need to talk about how guys just sit there swiping right ALL DAMN DAY? The guys don’t care what you look like or what you have to say they just want more matches aka more a$$.


Meanwhile all the ladies are doing is swiping left.


So is that it? Are we all going to die alone or sit on our couch chugging wine and eating Ben & Jerry’s for the rest of our lives? (Actually that wouldn’t be so bad.)


Wait, no. We’re not. We’re going to go on dates. And we will find some good ones.

Solution: The new guy in town- Bumble. (And I’m not talking about the snowman from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.)

Bumble kinda lets you avoid all those weirdos, but still has the same concept.


Once you have matched (both have to “like” each other like on Tinder), only the girl can message the guy first. Aka ladies are totally wearing the pants in this app. If she doesn’t within 24 hours the connection goes away. In other words, if you change your mind, little Mikey Smith from Downtown goes bye, bye!

Because of this, most of the guys on Bumble tend to be super confident (aka hot) and less likely to be a total loser. For example, for all you jersey chasers out there, there are some pro athletes on it. For all you gold diggers, there are some big time entrepreneurs too. And unlike Tinder where you might match with say “Chandler Parsons” three times (as three different names), these guys actually exist.

My vote: Bumble. (DUH)

But don’t just take my word for it! Give it a try you little slooters & let us know what you think! You won’t be disappointed…

Who knows, if you’re in London you might even match up with me 😉



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