This Dad Teaches His Son a Lesson He Will Never Forget

After hearing his son was being a bully at school, as punishment, this father put his son in the ring with a professional boxer. Oh yeah. I said pro boxer.


I have a feeling this kid’s about to get straight Mike Tyson’d.

The video has gone viral with 3.5 million views on You Tube alone.

Social media debate has been hot regarding whether or not this “tough love” approach was acceptable.

After a few rounds the father is seen on the outside of the ring yelling “Come on, you’re a tough guy right? You can take him,” in an effort to scare his young son and teaching the life long lesson “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

The kid is pretty big, but DAYUM. Even the little guy got him at the end. Pretty sure he learned his lesson. Nice work Dad.

– Morgan

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