Things You Wouldn’t Think To Grill at Your Next BBQ

So you think you are the “Grill Master,” huh? Unless you’re well-versed in the grilling of the following items, I call bull. Everyone loves a creative mind, so the next time you’re flaming up the good ole’ BBQ, whip up some of these recipes to impress your guests! And when you document the goodies (because we know you will want to), make sure you use the hashtag #thecoachsdaughters so we can check out and admire those BBQ skills!


Photo:; Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty

Watermelon reminds me of summertime, regardless of the season. Nothing tops the sweet and delicious taste. For a little something extra, try this Grilled Watermelon with Blue Cheese and Prosciutto recipe.



So here’s one from left field (sports talk, always, because duh). Grilled avocado is not something to mess with. Grill halved avocados and top with toppings of your choice and BOOM, you look like a professional (and all you had to do was figure out how to cut the avocados in half and removed their seeds without completely mushing them).



One of my favorite meals is teriyaki chicken with grilled pineapple (try getting it wrapped in a pita at Pita Pit – holy YUM!) This recipe is SO easy and something that you can make while hardly paying attention to the grill (all eyes on the beer pong game at hand, obviously).



Sweet and savory is arguably one of the best combinations when it comes to food. So when you grill sweet peaches, blue cheese makes one of the most perfect toppings. Find the most fabulous recipe, here.



Okay, now before you tell me this is old news, try this recipe. Holy YUM! And it is SO easy: put everything in tinfoil and toss that on the grill! (Again, more time to focus on your beer pong skills!)

These recipes are so simple and straightforward that even men could make them. Sorry, was that sexist? Come at me, bro. Either way, these recipes will not only impress your guests, but will give you enough time to play game after game of beer pong (or corn hole, you pick your poison) and DOMINATE on the grill and in drinking games (duh).

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