The Smaller, the Better! For Bikinis, That Is ;)


Baby Got Back!

People, it is Summer 2015 and it is time to start showing off that BOOTY!

Here’s a motto I live by: “The smaller, the better!” That is, for bikini bottoms. 😉

Americans have finally begun to embrace the European trends of wearing cheeky Brazilian cut suits and even thongs! Bikini’s should emphasize a woman’s body and give maximum exposure, not cover it!


Even the wetsuits are cheeky now, as shown by one of our favorite cheeky supporters, pro surfer and total babe Alana Blanchard!

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.44.04 PM
Photo: Alana Blanchard Instagram

According to Daily Beast,

“The fitness craze has given rise to this [tiny bikini trend], as well as the Instagram and selfie voyeurism that’s online.”

So ladies, get rid of your granny panty bikinis and go buy a skimpy pair to show off those sweet cheeks! You know I will be! 😉

– Briana

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