The New Big Guns in Texas: The Houston Astros


When most people think Texas sports, they think the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Rangers, but it looks like there’s a new big gun in town. And boy, do we love those when it comes to Texas.

The Houston Astros have been proving who the real southern all-stars are with their 31-19 season and sealing 1st place in the AL West so far.

All-star (game) worthy pitcher Dallas Keuchel was handed his first loss of the season during their Memorial Day game against the Baltimore Orioles, but otherwise batters like José Altuve are proving the Astros may be playing champion baseball all season long.

However with Jed Lowrie out, it should be interesting to see how the Astros offense carries on until he returns injury-free.

Bottom line, we’ll see if Houston fans actually have something real to cheer about this baseball season, or if the hot-dog stands are yet again going to be the main event at Minute Maid Stadium.


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