The Name of the Game is the Hall of Fame- Seven Inducted to NHL HOF

“Standing in the Hall of Fame, and the world’s gonna know your name.”

– “Hall of Fame” by The Script.

Seven new NHL players will be standing in the Hall of Fame, and if you didn’t know their names before, you will now. They will be honored at an enshrinement ceremony on November 9th in Toronto.

The 2015 HOF inductees include:



During the 1900’s – 2000’s, Fedorov was considered to be one of the best hockey players in the world. He spent the majority of his career with the Detroit Red Wings where he was a three-time Stanley Cup Champion. He had small stints with the Ducks, Blue Jackets and Capitals. In 1994, he won the Hart Memorial Trophy (MVP of the season). In 1,248 games he scored 483 goals.

Three must be his lucky number because he is a three-time Olympian as well. Fedorov is considered one of the best playoff performers in history.

Fun fact: He was married to Anna Kournikova for two years.



I don’t think Housley ever wanted to stop playing hockey! Or at least play until he won a Stanley Cup. He has played more NHL games without winning the Cup than any other NHL player in history (23 seasons and 1,495 games). He made one Cup appearance with the Capitals, but the Capitals were swept by the Detroit Red Wings. Bummer.

Housley is the second leading scorer amongst U.S. born players with 1,232 goals. In 2007, he was inducted into the Buffalo Sabres HOF and he is currently an assistant coach for the Nashville Predators. Housley, you may not have won the Cup, but you’re going to the Hall of Fame! 



Nicklas Lidstrom aka “Mr. Perfect,” played 20 seasons in the NHL – all for the Detroit Red Wings. He is considered the greatest defenseman of all time. He has some awards to back that statement up.

He has four Stanley Cup wins, seven James Norris Memorial Trophies (awarded to the best defenceman), one Playoff MVP in 2002 and has played in 12 NHL All-Star games.

Basically he’s a boss.

Fun fact: Lidstrom and Fedorov played on the Red Wings together when they won the Stanley Cup in 2002.



Well here is an interesting guy.

For starters, Pronger is not officially retired, he is under contract with the Arizona Coyotes. However, he has not played a game since 2011 due to concussions from hits. One hit was so bad he actually suffers from vision impairment. Yeah. He took a hockey stick straight to the eyeballs. YIKES.

Not to forget mentioning, Pronger is also known as one of the most dirty players. He was even suspended eight games for stomping on a players leg. Cough, BAD. Cough, ASS. What?! Hockey IS a contact sport, and isn’t that why we all love it?!

Pronger was awarded the MVP for the 1999-2000 season and has been to the Stanley Cup finals with the Edmonton Oilers, Anaheim Ducks and the Philadelphia Flyers. He won the Cup in 2007 with the Ducks. He also is a two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner.



Yes, Angela. Yes, a FEMALE.

SHE is the fourth woman to be inducted to the HOF. She was a member of the United States Women’s National Hockey Team, where she won a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. Not to mention, she has three other Olympic medals.

Actually, she is one of five hockey players to compete in four Olympic games. You can also check her out on EA Sports NHL ‘13. You go girl!



Bill Hay is being inducted in the NHL HOF under Builder.

“The Hall of Fame defines a Builder as an individual who has contributed to the development of the game of hockey, moving the game forward.” 

He played all eight seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks. In 1960, he received the “Rookie of the Year” award and in 1961, he came back to Chicago and brought the city a Stanley Cup!

Fun Fact: He will be joining his dad, Charles Hay, in the HOF.



Karmanos Jr. is the majority owner of the Carolina Hurricanes. He is being inducted in the NHL HOF under the category of Builder also. Karmanos has made an impact on the OHL, the ECHL and the NHL. He established the Compuware Youth Program in the 1970’s and boy did he build from that! From that program there has been 15 national Championships, 34 state Championships, 235 Division I scholarship hockey players and 14 NHL first round draft picks.

What an honor it is to be inducted into such an elite group of athletes and we’re happy to see  female made it into the bunch this year as well! Congratulations to all!

– Paige

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