The “Dad Bod”


It’s the latest trend to sweep the U.S.


And to the much misfortune of us ladies, guys are under the impression that we love it?

The “Dad Bod.”

Reality Check, WE DON’T. The dad bod is a balance between working out and rocking the beer belly. According to, the dad bod states “I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink occasionally on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.” In other words, these guys want to show us how committed they are to looking good, but also show us their commitment to drinking beer.

The dad bod is obviously popular amongst the older crowd hence it’s name, but it seems to be being taken over by retired frat boys who still think they can party like they are in college, but skip the gym. Maybe girls are loving it, because it takes away the need for us to workout and we don’t feel fat or intimidated?


No. I’m still not loving it.

But really, why should we workout and look hot if they are going to slack off? What if we decided to start a new trend called the “Mom Bod”? Oh, they would hate it.

At least with the dad bod he isn’t going to be opposed to watching you eat or drink just about everything because if he does, HELLO MOM BOD!

Sorry boys, but this is one trend we’re not catching on to. We’ll stick to Zac Efron thanks! (But we still love you Seth Rogan!)


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