The Bachelor: Two ladies you won’t see with the Final Rose

So, let’s talk about “the most dramatic season in Bachelor history.” J.K. — Chris Harrison you really got to find a new line there.

Not every season is really THAT dramatic.

But now I guess would be an appropriate time to talk about this season’s “villain.” Because, what even is The Bachelor without some girl on girl drama, right? If you think you can put 29 girls together and have them compete for the same guy without some backstabbing and smack talking — you are so wrong.

Every season has a villain, and you guessed it, the only girl on this show who seems to not be here “for the right reasons” is the one and only Krystal. We know, you’re not here to make friends, you’re here for Arie.

Wow, never heard that one before.

But seriously, chick, if you’ve ever watched this show before you would know that being the drama queen gets you nowhere. Well, except with the producer.

Drama queens never win, they just don’t.

Unless you’re Vienna from Jake’s season or Courtney from Ben’s season, of course. But even then, I think all of us can agree that those were two of the most unpopular Bachelors this show has ever seen!

So Krystal may have fooled Arie with her “soothing” voice, but pretty much everyone else is ready to see her go home because she is #fake.

Arie will be done with her games soon enough. He’s a smart guy. And, I mean, he did tell her that what she called “their first fight” could very well be their last. NEWSFLASH, Krystal: throwing fits for no reason is not cute.

A post shared by Krystal Nielson (@coachkrystal_) on Chec those devious eyes, Krystal is on the prowl. OK, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but still.Next, how can we not talk about the baby of the group, Bekah M.

And who is the villain without someone to go at it with? Not to mention someone who’s been surrounded by question marks from the get go. Leading us to our next lady… Bekah M.

She is not a drama queen, but she is a hot topic of discussion right now. This girl is 22 — that’s how old I am!

I truly don’t understand why being single at 22 calls for going on a dating show. But hey, good for her I guess. I will say though that she is by far the most mature and sophisticated 22-year-old I’ve ever seen.

Finally revealing to Arie her age may have been a little bit of a setback, but their chemistry is undeniable. He was a little thrown off considering their 14-year age gap, but hey, this sassy ball of fire is pretty much the whole package. She is spunky, she is very intelligent, she’s adventurous and absolutely gorgeous. And for right now, Arie is all about her.

But passion and chemistry aside, Arie is really starting to doubt their relationship. You can tell he is having a hard time believing she is truly ready to get hitched. Arie has a handful of women who will make great wives for him, so he is in no place to waste his time doubting a relationship that has potential to fail.

A post shared by bekah martinez (@whats_ur_sign) on But be real here. Just because these girl’s aren’t taking home the final rose doesn’t mean they won’t have potential to get pretty close. The Bachelor needs it’s villain and it’s questionable gal, so you know the producer is going to have them hang out to keep us all tuning in.My bet is on keeping Krystal around (ugh, I know) but did you see that finger rub on her back when he gave her that rose this week? He was telling her “it’s ok” and “this isn’t just the producer’s decision.”

Either way, there’s no way Krystal or Bekah M. make it to the end. You want to know who will though?

Check out my article on TCD on who’s going to be Top 5.

Monday, hurry up and get here!

— Sara

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