The Bachelor: Our Top 5 prediction

What’s up Bachelor nation? We have 10 women left now and relationships are getting stronger while others are dwindling out. I’m sure all of you have already made your predictions about who will steal Arie’s heart at the end of this because well, that’s just what us girls do!

This down to earth and stand-up bachelor, or should I say “kissing bandit” is one lucky guy getting to date so many beautiful girls at once.

See all the women who will be competing for @ariejr’s heart! ❤️ #TheBachelor

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Why has Arie not found love yet at the age of 36?

If he really is as good of a kisser as everyone says he is then I don’t get it. It does seem like he has it all.

So far this season, this race-car-driving, real-estate-selling babe seems to be getting the love and attention he hoped for after getting his heart broken on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette.

So let’s talk frontrunners! Who will walk away with the final rose but more importantly, Arie’s heart?

I’m sure you all have a favorite or two and I guarantee your favorites are probably mine too.

As an experienced Bachelor aficionado and Super Fan, I like to think my opinion on this is important LOL.

So here you go, folks. Here is who I think will be left fighting for Arie’s heart and may make it to the end of this thing. Oh, and before you freak out, this is in no particular order.

Our Bachelor Top 5 prediction:


    1. Tia

First we have the stunning and hilarious southern belle from Weiner, Arkansas, Tia. She and Arie have had a strong connection from the moment she stepped out of the limo and handed him a little wiener to represent her hometown. She said to him “please tell me you don’t already have a little wiener.”

Can someone say savage?

She caught Arie’s eye right off the bat and only continues to impress him with time. Tia finally got her long overdue one-on-one date, which only brought them closer and solidified what both of them already knew about their relationship. The chemistry is there, the passion is there and the friendship is there. Plus, she just admitted that she’s falling in love with him

A little early to be saying that? I’d say so, but hey, you do you girl and what do I know? Arie seemed to have no problems with it. He is all about this awesome chick and acknowledged that he can “see a future” with her.


    1. Lauren B.

He’s a perfect 10…*sigh* Spare me🎳💁🏼‍♀️ #thebachelor

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Another Lauren B. who is a frontrunner on The Bachelor? (Funny part is she even looks like Lauren Bushnell).

This blonde babe has, so far, flown a little bit under the radar. She hasn’t had a huge standout connection with Arie so far, but I will tell you that the time that she does spend with him does not go unnoticed. I mean, look at that hand placement in this photo.

She did get the group date rose this week so the chemistry is certainly there and Arie is probably starting to see potential with this girl. I think Lauren B. is going to be one of those girls who starts off pretty low key, but halfway through the season (right about now) she is going to become a fan favorite and is totally someone who could sweep Arie off his feet.

Give this girl a one-on-one date and I have a feeling she will leave Arie wanting more.


    1. Becca K

Now here is a classy, stand-up gal.

You really don’t see many people like Becca K. on this show. She is the epitome of a down to earth, real, and normal girl who deserves a man to love her. She really is the type of girl you want to bring home to mom. Not to mention she got the BEST one-on-one date ever.

Arie showered her with gifts, giving her an assortment of Rachel Zoe dresses, a pair of Christian Louboutins (I’m sorry, what?) and some Neil Lane diamonds to top it off.

I’d say that is just about every girl’s dream and she was SO humble about it.

This one-on-one date was the first of the season so I’d say she left a pretty amazing first impression with Arie on the first night. She did waste no time off the bat and did tell Arie to get down on one knee when she stepped out of the limo, so I guess you could say she is ready for marriage — just sayin’.


    1. Chelsea

She is a single mom looking for a man. Is that ringing a bell? The last season Arie was on, he fell for a single mom, Emily Maynard — clearly that doesn’t scare him, it may even be a plus.

Their one-on-one date this week really helped them grow as a couple and allowed her to open up to him. She had some of the girls pretty jealous because she got the yacht date.

Who wouldn’t want to sail around on a yacht with their man and then hit the jet skis? Sounds like my kind of date.

Oh and did I mention she got the first impression rose? We all know whoever gets the first impression rose always makes it pretty far on this show. That’s just the facts. I personally don’t think Chelsea will get Arie’s last rose, but she’s for sure going to stick around for Top 5.

    1. Kendall

Next we have Kendall, who really intrigues Arie.

Talk about a corky and fun loving girl. She seems like so much fun to be around and he loves spending time with her.

Let’s not leave out the fact that she is savage. Any chance she gets, she respectfully calls Krystal out on her lies and shadiness, but she does so without ever losing her class and staying rational.

She is quite the go-getter, always being the first one to steal Arie away on group dates and at cocktail parties but never aggressively. She is such a sweetheart and I think she is a definite front-runner at this point in the show, which I am pretty surprised about.

I will admit, I thought she was super weird on the first night especially after learning about her collection of taxidermy, but she has grown on me and I truly think she has a good shot at winning this thing.

So there you have it folks, you may agree with me and you may not, but only time will tell who the kissing bandit will get down on one knee for at the end of this. I think at the age of 36 Arie is more than ready to put a ring on it.

Let’s pop some champagne and watch how this season plays out! Can Monday night come sooner please?

— Sara

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