Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off


Every girl has had a tequila infused night in college where she was referred to the next day as “THAT girl dancing on the bar.”


And to that I say, you go chick! Hell, you’ve had country songs written about you! In my book, I’d say that’s killin’ it.

Everyone is allowed to let loose every once in a while, especially when you’re in college and have an excuse like you just aced that impossible chem test (or in my case, when you just think you f*&^ing kill it and deserve it!) And what better way to do that than with TEQUILA?!


There is really no better feeling than that sizzle when tequila hits your lips. As for those of you who prefer vodka, I seriously question what’s wrong with your taste buds, it tastes like nail polish remover.

On top of tequila being the tastiest of them all, it is also the HEALTHIEST (as if that’s a concern when on a bender). But seriously, it has been proven to lower cholesterol (dissolve fats), optimize cardiac functions and aid in digestions. Doesn’t sound bad to me!


So, if you’re looking for a go-to drink, you don’t want to look like a lush, and you’ve graduated from vodka sodas at the local bar, grab yourself a skinny marg and be MVP of the night! Or you know, just skip the marge and head to the shots! If you’re going out big you might as well skip the fluff and get to the good stuff. Tequila, lime and salt baby!

[Note: To be the crowd pleaser at a pre-party, blend together this beautiful elixir– Herradura Reposado, Lime Juice, Triple Sec, Soda Water, Jalapenos and Cucumbers]

That said, happy Tequila Tuesday betches! Make us proud 😉


– Adrienne

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