Talk About a Wipeout! John John Florence Is Out for the J Bay Open


John John Florence, 23-year-old professional surfer from Hawaii, has withdrawn from J Bay Open. 

What?! No. Whyyyyy?

Apparently this little toe head withdrew due to an ongoing ankle injury he suffered while on a surf trip. Which let’s be real, if you’ve ever been to some of these surf parties they go hard in the paint. Wouldn’t be surprised if he did something crazy on the fourth to re-strain it. But sure, then again it could just be totally surf related considering this pro is a straight beast in the water.

The J Bay open is the second consecutive event John John will have missed because of his injury. Last month he withdrew from the Fiji Pro.

According to WSL (World Surf Leage) Deputy Commisoner Renato Hickel,

“[John] tried to recover up to the last possible day to fly to J-Bay. But as his foot still pretty sore he decided to miss the event and be ready for Tahiti.”

Let’s hope John John has a speedy recovery! We can’t wait to see you get wet again! 😉

– Briana

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