Your go-to Stagecoach style guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And as you can tell, that doesn’t mean Christmas (this time).

We’re talking STAGECOACH, baby!

For all of these festivals nowadays, outfits mean everything.

You know you’re going to get some dope pictures with your friends with some cool scenery (whether it’s a desert, the Airbnb, a ferris wheel or a stage behind you).

So you got to take advantage of these moments.

Plus, for all the single ladies, you might run into some hotties!

So, let me break it down for you on how to plan your outfits using some style inspo from me and my sister over the years, along with some anonymous Stagecoach hotties…

First of all, it’s HOT. Like 100 degrees hot.

If you don’t know, it’s always hot at stagecoach. So, you need to make sure your outfit is something you’re going to be comfortable in the heat while also looking red-hot yourself! 😉

Here are your staples to pack…

Flowy Dresses

Personally, I think dresses are CLUTCH for the hottest day.

You get a little freedom, makes it easier to use damn porta potties and you look just the right amount of girly for this country concert.

Plus, when a random guy decides to twirl you, it looks pretty darn cute and festive for photos — just sayin’.

Cutoff Jean Shorts

Another obvious country clothing piece, is a good ‘ole pair of jean shorts. High waisted or low rise, who cares! These go perfect with everything and are the ultimate country girl staple.

Cue Daisy Duke…



Tight, Sexy Onesie Tops

(Photo credit: Pinterest)



(Photo credit: Pinterest)

It’s hot out there and why shouldn’t you be just as fire?

Get your sexy on in a deep V top with fringe or added chains and jewels and rock it girl.

Or how about a tight little crop with a statement piece?

Another fun and easy trick which Courtney did in both these pics was wear a swimsuit as a top.

You can even go for the ultra sexy look with a sheer one piece with cut outs covering the girls.

Cropped Flowy Tops

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Since the weather is great, you can pair those daisy dukes with crop tops or flowy tops.

Really, whatever top that gives you good vibes for the super fun and jam-packed day ahead of you.


There are SO many freaking cute rompers now-a-days.

Flowy, tight, off-the-shoulder, halter, backless, YOU NAME IT!

This is the classy “one and done” piece, making it easier to get dressed because there are less decisions to be made!

Only one issue — porta potties. Make sure you’re capable of getting it on and off alone.

Jean Jacket or Flannel

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

I recommend bringing something to throw on when the night time hits. It can cool off pretty dramatically, so I always bring a jean jacket or flannel.

Something that ties around your waist is the way to go, since you’re going to be walking around all day.

Red, White and Blue Accents

Does it get more American then freakin’ Stagecoach?

Throw on some patriotic colors in the form of a scarf, shawl, bandana or even cowboy hat.

Cowboy Boots

With any and all outfits, BOOTS. Uh, duh.

That just goes without being said, even though I did just remind you all.

And make sure it’s your comfortable pair because those puppies will be dancing the night away!

Cowboy Hat

As for a hat, you can wear it one of the days or all three! If you’re not feeling the hat for one of the days, go with a bandana tied in your hair or around your neck (depending just how hot it is).

And per Luke Bryan’s request, we Country Girls need to be ready to shake it!


Yeehaw, y’all!

Let’s cheers to another fabulous year singing our hearts out and dancing our boots off!

Meet at the Lions?

— Hailey

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