Splurge to Steal: Rosè Roundup

Trying to decide between white and red? Meet in the middle — sip on some rosè!

There is something about a chilled glass of rosè on a warm day. Well, or any day for that matter.

It’s light, it’s sweet, it’s fruity and gives you the perfect buzz.

There really is no time of the day where rosè is not the perfect drink. “Rosè all day” couldn’t be more true.

Most rosè is pretty inexpensive, but I truly don’t even judge the bottle based on the price.

Some of my absolute favorites and the best tasting rosès are under $20 dollars. Compare that to a quality bottle of Chardonnay or a fine bottle of Cabernet, and that is NOTHING!

Let me tell you a few of my favorites, and if you haven’t tried them I highly recommend you do…

The Best

Chateau d’Esclans, Whispering Angel

This one is my guilty pleasure.

First of all, could the name be any cuter? But this wine is smooth and sweet with mild fruity flavors.

And it’s just under $20 dollars depending where you buy.

It’s pretty popular and for good reason. Give this one a try ASAP.

In terms of affordable pink wine, this one may be considered on the pricier side of the spectrum, but even then it’s still very affordable and worth every penny.

The Prettiest

Gèrard Bertrand Côte Des Roses, Rosè

First off, let’s address how this photo of our editor and Hailey’s dog is not even real life. Doing. It. Right.

But back to the wine — would you look at that bottle?

If I’m being honest, just seeing how pretty this bottle is had me grabbing it off the shelf.

You can’t entirely tell in this photo, but the bottom is an engraved rose — adorable, I know. How can you resist?

Good luck opening this one and not finishing the entire bottle, though. Oh yeah, and then good luck never throwing it away because, how could you? Decor, for sure.

This is delicious and impressive and makes for the perfect gift.

The Steal

La Ferme Julien Rosè

Say hello to an easy favorite that won’t break the bank.

It is one of the cheapest out there — like I’m talking six dollars people! Yes, as in $6 bucks.

But don’t let that price fool you, because this rosè is pretty addicting. It’s dry and sweet, but most of all a great price point.

Honestly, it’s a great rosè to drink with any meal.

So, if you’re not looking to drop cash, but still want to enjoy some of that sweet pink, head to Trader Joe’s and snag this bottle!

Damn, now I’m in the mood for some rosè!

I guess I’m off to the store. Everyone always says money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy wine — so you tell me.

Cheers, babes!

— Sara

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