Speak Easy, Will Ya?


Let’s go to the bar.

But nowadays it’s not like you can just go to any bar. You need to go to the bar that’s the hot new thing. You know- super exclusive, trendy as hell. Some may even be a secret…


Oh yes, I’m talking about speakeasies.

Like the Gatsby era, there are some secret “speakeasy”-like bars that are still in our midst for us to rage in. LET’S GO. Wait, I just realized, it’s a secret. WELL, let’s just see if you guys can actually get in.

What? Get into a speakeasy? What, like it’s hard?


My friends and I went to one in Los Angeles, more specifically Culver City, called the Blind Barber. 

The name carries significant meaning. For starters, the entrance is a full on barber shop. And, this entrance isn’t just for show. It literally runs as a barber shop by day, & then the entrance to a secret bar by night. When you imagine what a barber shop looks like, that’s what this was. Think: black and white floors, the classic red, white, & blue barber pole, scissors, razors, two rows of barber chairs. The whole shebang.


Before even entering the barber shop, we had to state the entrance password to a man. The man acts really nonchalant & doesn’t look like a super obvious body guard standing next to an entrance door. He actually just looks like a guy that happens to be walking on the curb past these shops. Perhaps, he paces down a few shops back and forth all night? I’ll never know because I wasn’t there to hang out with guard.


Once we stated the entrance password to him, he escorted us through the barbershop, a bunch of right & left turns, & then VOILA! Next thing I know we were at the top of a staircase and could hear some bumpin’ music and a sh*t-ton of people. We all looked at each other with a twinkle in our eye and shared a couple fist pumps to the music – AKA HERE WE GO, IT’S RAGE TIME BETCHES.


Not only was it a full bar, but the Blind Barber happens to be known for their gourmet grilled cheeses. Drunk girls and carbs- Yeah, they go well together. 🙋

Now, this is just my account of one of the speakeasies I have been to. Of course, there are other speakeasies out there. It’s just a matter of whether or not you can find them and then know the password… Good luck! 😉



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