Some Like It Hot! Spiciest Meals Across America

You want spicy? I’ll give you spicy. In fact, I’ll give you effing blow your head off spicy. Like, steam coming out of your ears spicy.

The Four Horseman Burger- San Antonio, TX


The Four Horseman Burger, served at Chunky’s in San Antonio, Texas, is one that will be sure to put up a fight. I mean, this restaurant will offer you complimentary gloves to eat the burger with, as the burger may cause burns. And those are just for your fingers, think about your tongue! The toppings on this burger include: jalapeño peppers, serrano peppers, habanero peppers, & the Bhut Jolokia pepper (otherwise known as the ghost chile). In order to participate in the challenge at Chunky’s, (yes, there is a challenge to eat this beastly burger), you must sign a consent waiver, eat the burger in 25 minutes with no restroom breaks, and then last an additional 5 minutes (after the 25 minutes of misery) without vomiting your intestinal track. Uhm, excuse me? That’s spicy. The Four Horseman Burger was featured on the Food Network show, “Man vs. Food”.

P’haal- New York, NY


In Manhattan of New York City, the P’haal at Brick Lane Curry House also comes with a liability disclaimer. Per the Indian Restaurants’ rules, anyone willing to try the P’haal must give “a verbal disclaimer not holding us liable for any physical or emotional damage after eating the curry”. The torching level of this dish comes from about 10 different ground chilies. Like the Four Horseman Burger, this dish was featured on “Man vs. Food” as well. Right when you needed to let out a sigh of relief (and flames), The Brick Lane Curry House offers “a bottle of beer […] on us, […] a certificate of completion and your picture in the (P)hall of fame” to all those that complete their serving.

Great Balls of Fire- Portland, Oregon


Salvador Molly’s of Portland, Oregon will have you singing Jerry Lee Lewis’ lyrics “goodness gracious great balls of fire”. I’m not joking. The dish they serve is called the “Great Balls of Fire”. The Great Balls of Fire are fritters covered in habanero cheese and a spicy sauce. If one manages to get five of these balls down, their picture goes up in “Salvador Molly’s Hall of Flame”! And but of course, this dish was featured on Man vs. Food also.

Bushido Spicy Tuna Rolls- Charleston, SC


Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina: where the humidity causes people to sweat like it’s an everyday norm, and then drink some sweet tea to cool down. Apparently, the humidity isn’t the only thing making these people sweat. The Spicy Tuna Rolls served at Bushido can cause enough internal heat that an individual will easily break a sweat. In order to complete the challenge at Bushido, one must eat 10 of the habanero tuna rolls. The problem: each hand roll gets spicier and spicier. Unlike other challenges, Bushido does not give their willing competitors a time frame on when they need to finish the meal, so take your time!

So, eat up if you dare my friends…


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