Shaq is Making Serious PAPER… More Than He Ever Did in the NBA


Shaquille O’Neal was an absolute powerhouse on the basketball court. We know this. But, what you might not have known is this 7′ 1 giant is even more of a boss in the business world.

After retirement from the NBA in 2011, he took his talents to Barry University where he got his Doctorate of Education in Human Resource Development, and this was just the beginning of his almost unbelievable business career. He rapped, he acted, he starred in his own reality series and he even became a reserve officer with the Los Angeles port police. However, his true intelligence was showcased in the stock market.

Turns out this former NBA player knows how to invest!

After many successful investments, he took on multiple real estate business ventures and today he sits on the board of many companies. And do I even need to mention all his endorsement deals?

While most retired professional athletes are criticized for blowing through their fortune, Shaq has found a way to capitalize on his household name and use it as a method to gain endorsement and business deals, and is making more money today than he ever did as an NBA player.

Now that’s what we call a victory, Dr. O’Neal!


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