Top 10 horror movies on Netflix

Scary movies are simply put: the best! Combine that with Netflix, and you got it good.

If you watch the right scary movie, you’ll get everything a person wants — jump scares, suspense, drama, laughs and even romance. Well, if you want to call two extremely horny teenagers getting busy right before they’re slaughtered kind of romance, that is.

As a self-proclaimed horror movie queen, I have compiled this list below with some of the spookiest, most heart-stopping movies I could find on Netflix and with Valentine’s Day slowly approaching, why not watch the movies on this list and have your bae protect you from the boogeyman.

In no particular order, here’s my top 10 list!

Best horror movies on Netflix:

  1. Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever is an absolute classic about young adults on a camping trip when suddenly a flesh eating virus strikes leaving them fighting for their lives. The tagline for the film is “Catch it” — maybe Usher can use this for the tagline in his biopic someday. *sips tea*

  2. Exorcism of Emily Rose

    If you are scared sh*tless on matters dealing with ~spirits~ this is definitely the flick for you! Young girl, Emily Rose, is taken over by — you guessed it — demons. And the positions this chick gets herself into have not left my mind since I first saw it YEARS ago.

  3. The Conjuring


    And speaking of spirits, here’s one that is based on a true story — so you know it’s legit freaky. The Conjuring is about paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who work to help a family being terrorized by an evil presence in their farmhouse. All I’m sayin’ is every time they play that damn “clap” game prepare yourself.

  4. 30 Days of Night

    What do you get when you take a small town in Alaska that enters a thirty day polar night and you mix in a bunch of blood-thirsty vampires? You get the 30 Days of Night… And a whole lot of blood… And dead people. So if you’re ready to get your darkeness and gore on turn the lights off and turn on this flick.

  5. The Babadook

    Best way to describe this film? You ever hear of the boogeyman? Meet his dad. This has enough jump scares and horrifying moments that’ll have you sleeping with a night light as an adult. Like I’m sorry, look at this photo. Enough said.

  6. Jeepers Creepers 3


    The third and final installment of this series was a doozy, with now a team of creeper hunters looking to put an end to the blood thirsty beast. It’s got everything you want in a horror movie trilogy: cheesiness, cameos, and of course, blood. It may not be No. 1 but it will still definitely satisfy your horror needs.

  7. Before I Wake


    If you liked the Nightmare on Elm Street series, you’ll love this Netflix original. A young couple adopt an orphaned child whose dreams and nightmares manifest physically as he sleeps. Now I know what you’re all thinkin — “HOLY F***” — and let me tell you, you’re thinking right.

  8. Dreamcatcher


    OK, this one is based on a Stephen King book — enough said? But seriously, can you think of anything worse than an alien invasion while you’re on a reunion trip with your friends?! And these aren’t chill Scary Movie 3 kind of aliens. I literally can’t think of anything good to come of that situation. Unless of course, the aliens say I can bring tequila, then things might start looking up.

  9. Teeth


    If you haven’t heard of this one then, seriously, where have you been? Boys hold onto your genitals cause this kitty bites! If you seriously haven’t heard of the movie, I’ll let you look this one up yourself — don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  10. The Human Centipede

    This one is bordering psycho if you want to watch it because DAMN. Life takes a grizzly turn when an evil doctor kidnaps humans to create — you guessed it — a human centipede. I can’t even get into the details of how that works, and please don’t make me. You ever wonder what happened to Dexter from ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’? Life comes at you fast, doesn’t it?

There you have it!

Now enjoy, you foxy ghouls! 😉

— Nicolette


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