Royal Wedding recap: It was perfect.

Holy moly.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am just obsessing over the royal wedding.

Meghan Markle is only the most beautiful human and she gets to marry Prince Harry. I would say that makes her the luckiest girl in the world, am I right?

She was absolutely breathtaking in her white gown and blew everyone away just like we knew she would.

Some were saying her dress was blah or boring, but it was far from it in my opinion and totally classic.

Can you even imagine?

One day you’re living a normal life (well semi-normal considering she’s a famous actress already) and the next you are gracefully walking down the aisle to marry a Prince and enter the Royal family as a Duchess!

Um yeah, sign me up please!


The walk down the aisle

Meghan walked most of the aisle by herself which was super boss. Then she was met by her now father-in-law, Prince Charles.

Being escorted down the end of the aisle by Prince Charles was just one among many special moments that occurred on this beautiful day.

Meghan’s father was unable to attend the wedding for health reasons, so she turned to Prince Charles, which was a very special moment since this was moments before she became a part of the royal family!

While her father cold not attend, her mother was in attendance and seated front and center to watch her daughter say “I do” and enter a life of royalty. That’s got to be one proud mama!

Again, I can’t even imagine how she must have felt being in the presence of all that royalty, but what a spectacular experience for her and her daughter.

Prince Harry’s sweet nothings

Now can we just talk for a second about the look in Harry’s eyes when he saw his bride for the first time? That was nothing short of tear-jerking for viewers all around the world. But can you blame him?

And I know you guys must have seen the sweet nothings he was whispering to Meghan when she got to him at the end of the aisle.

He whispered “You look amazing” and (I die over this one) “I’m so lucky!”

Like, are you kidding me?

Prince Harry is such a freakin’ cutie!

I mean, I know I’m not the only one who has always thought he is such a babe. I guess being a Prince probably makes him that much more attractive, but watching how happy he was on his wedding day had girls everywhere just DYING.

Like why can’t Prince Harry look at me the way he looks at Meghan? Lucky chick.

You could see it just by the way that they looked at each other, they are a couple truly in love.

It was amazing to see how their love filled the air and created such a positive vibe throughout the ceremony.

Then there was the powerful and inspiring address given by Bishop Michael Bruce Curry where he stunned the crowd and viewers everywhere with his beautiful words about the power of love.

What a touching and inspirational speech this was and how incredible for the newlyweds to be given those wise words that they will cherish with them forever.


As if this couple could not be any cuter, their first dance song was to none other than Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

Not your typical first dance slow song, but that just goes to show you how they are capable of letting loose and having fun!

Meghan stated that this was her “happy song” and this sure would be the happiest day of her life!


Meghan was a sensational bride on her wedding day.

She wore a simple, classy, and beautiful gown designed by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy. Her dress was simple, but still fabulous.

Her tiara, however, was far from simple. The tiara of none other than Queen Mary was a staple item of Meghan’s outfit that turned her into a true royal bride.

So she got married in a three-quarter length silk gown where she kept it classy, but she is a duchess now, so one wedding dress isn’t enough!

Markle’s “party” dress was a bit more sassy, but still classy!

This halter dress hugged her in all the right places as she made her debut as the Duchess of Sussex!


It wouldn’t be a royal wedding without some esteemed guests would it?

The Beckhams

Let’s talk about the power couple that is Victoria and David Beckham.

I mean WOW. Are they an attractive couple or what? Let’s just say, this duo definitely lived up to their hype when they appeared at St. George’s Chapel.

Nobody was surprised to see these two dressed to impress.

Abigail Spencer

This striking Hollywood star and close friend of the bride was dressed like a supermodel in her navy and white polka dots.

Amal Clooney

Not everyone can pull off yellow, but let me tell you this dress was a perfect look for this stunner.

Amal killed it.

Talk about the perfect combination of classy and sexy! Her hunk of a husband, George Clooney, definitely helped draw attention to this pretty lady.

Lady Kitty Spencer

The niece of the dazzling Princess Diana was dressed in emerald green, and she looked like pure gold.

Her glowing look had people remembering the Princess and her beauty and grace that she once radiated.

Serena Williams

This tennis legend rolled up looking like a royal herself.

She rocked a beautiful blush pink dress and added some bling to give it more flavor. She even had an outfit change later! Slay!

Let’s not forget about the most famous guests…

Queen Elizabeth

I still run this shit

A post shared by Her Majesty (@queenelizabeth) on

How. Does. She. Do. It.

I mean this woman is 92 years old and still looks like a rockstar! Always rocking vibrant outfits, the Queen’s choice of lime green and purple accents was a crowd pleaser to say the least.

She wears bright colors to stand out — she’s the freaking Queen, duh!

But there was some more sentimental meaning to the color choice, perhaps good intentions for the future!

Kate Middleton

This Duchess appeared in a soft yellow dress with a beautiful hat to match. She was one hot mama!

Literally though, she was looking smokin’ hot and she is a mother of three.

Not to mention, she just gave birth less than a month ago and she still looks THAT good.

She is the definition of beauty and grace and showed nothing short of that at the wedding of her brother-in-law and now sister-in-law.

Pippa Middleton

While she is not a royal herself, she sure as hell looked like one!

Can we all take a minute and remember how STUNNING she looked at her sister Kate’s wedding? She was the talk of the town as people said she stole the spotlight at Prince William and Kate’s wedding.

The same was not true for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, but she still looked gorgeous in her floral pleated dress.

So we all know how awesome she looked and, guess what? She’s pregnant! How is that fair?

Well, there you have it, folks.

If you didn’t get to watch the royal wedding, I highly recommend finding a way to watch it because it was magical, it was beautiful, it was royal, and it was exquisite.

If you aren’t dying to be a part of the royal family yet, well then I can’t relate because after following their love story and then watching them say “I do,” I am just dreaming of marrying a Prince!

Unfortunately, Harry is off the market now, but not to worry — I’ll think of something.

— Sara


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