Pink and red fashion is always a good idea

I don’t know when it happened or why it happened, but at one point someone tried to circulate the rumor that red and pink don’t go together just like black and brown don’t go together (also not true, don’t @ me).

The fact is, pink and red go together and it looks straight fire.

Not to mention, it’s trending.

We’ve seen it at some of the top fashion shows and on the street.

We’re even seeing it combined in cozy sweater wear, business blazer fashion, chic skirt combos and all kinds of fabulous prints and patterns.

And if any of this wasn’t proof enough, you know something is on the hot seat if Sarah Jessica Parker has previously owned it on the NYC streets.

Plus those white stiletto booties taking a peep! Ooo, girl!

Let’s be real though, this trend isn’t “new” by any means.

And Carrie wasn’t the first to show it off.

Our girl Princess Diana was rocking this look back in the day, as were many of the stars.

Still, this look is timeless. And really, any trend Princess Diana wore can be classified as so, couldn’t it?

In my opinion, one of the most classic ways I’ve seen this being rocked is the blazer combo for a business chic look.

That sweater combo with the combination of bright and pastel pinks with the vintage purse just gives me all the feels.

Ugh, if only I lived in NYC and worked in a fashion high rise building to rock looks like this on a daily basis.

And if I did, you know I’d delve into the chic skirt and blouse options of this look.

People seem to really be tickled by the pastel pink and deep red skirt look.

Or vice versa.

Nicole Richie looking so beachy and cool in her festival pink and red garb.

But personally, I’m loving the vice versa options and in brights.

That bright red blouse or jacket with a practically illicit hot pink, pleated mid skirt. YES, girl.

Or vice versa again…

And then you can always channel your inner Betsy Johnson and mix those prints, baby!

How about going extra steamy and bold and pairing your pink with FIRE red boots. Or hey, how about pink boots?!

I was straight drooling over the Fendi red thigh high boots for months that Ayesha Curry posted in. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then here you go…

Thankfully, I put in an extra word to Santa that I needed some of these babies and apparently I made the nice list!

I have yet to rock them with pink, but it’s definitely on my list.

OK, for some of you maybe a pink mini and red thigh highs is too bold for you to wear on a regular day out, but hey, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

And let’s be real — bold is beautiful.

I’ll leave you here with this last fabulous red and pink look that had me head over heels, topped off with the iconic, white, oversized shades.

Killing it.

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s day or the true to form Valentine’s Day with your boo, now is the perfect time to steal the show with this trend.

You got it girl!

Until next time, friends…

— Courtney

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