“One, Two, Three Likes You’re Out of the Ball Game”

Red Sox  at Orioles 04/24/15

Pablo Sandoval aka “Panda”, the home run hitting, always smiling, large teddy bear of a third basemen for the struggling Boston Red Sox (sorry Red Sox fans) was benched for liking photos on Instagram during a game, while using the bathroom.

Jimmy Fallon hit it dead on after the instagram fiasco, “One, Two, Three Likes you’re out of the ball game!” YES JIMMY FALLON. YES.

Now I for one can understand how addicting Insta is- a quick double tap in the bathroom, no harm no foul right? WRONG.

Sandoval had to make a public apology to the team, the fans, the general manager, and has been a laughable topic of conversation on Boston sports radio shows and talk shows all week.

People even investigated the time stamp of the likes (approximately 9:20pm) while the Red Sox were batting in the seventh inning aka with Pablo due up in six batters. I now understand why this can be a bad look, not looking invested in the game and could have something to do with the “lax, laid back” vibe that Boston ownership and John Farrell are currently running over there at Yawkey Way.

Which photos did he like you ask? @diva_legacy an Atlanta based woman, and two of her “selfies”.

Barstool Sports’ Jarred Carrabis via twitter first reported the in game slacking.

And Carrabis kept going…

Still going…

And the FINALE of just, YES.

It’s okay Panda, we understand the insta struggle and addiction. Sometimes you just gotta go like a couple selfies on insta… But from now on during games, just keep doing you on the FIELD and not on INSTAGRAM. 😉


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