NBA Free Agency, You Dirty, Dirty Dog!

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Photo: DeAndre Jordan Instagram

It goes without saying that the NBA free agency is a way to get luck or get f*cked and that definitely rang true this season.

Some franchises, like the San Antonio Spurs scoring David West and LaMarcus Aldridge, hit it big and some (aka Dallas Mavericks) didn’t hit it at all.

Photo: Mark Cuban Twitter

The notorious Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, put all of his eggs in one basket over a verbal commitment from DeAndre Jordan for a four-year $80 million deal and got absolutely blind sided when DeAndre went completely radio silent and re-signed with the Clippers five days later.

Being the business-minded man that he is, Cuban offered the following choice words about this blatant act of disrespect, “I pick my nose at the table. I don’t give a f*ck about etiquette. It’s not about etiquette. Look guys, sh*t happens, right? This is business. this is the real world. You move on. There’s lots of guys that haven’t played for the Mavericks that are in the NBA.”

But, need I remind you, this same man was the one saying a few days earlier that the Mavs were banking on DeAndre Jordan and, without him, they would go into full blown tank mode… Yikes, Dallas. Cuban was not pleased to say the least, and did not accept DeAndre’s apology when he came out with one.

Jordan posted the photo at the top of this article last week with the hashtag #home.

There’s another ouch for Cuban.

Who knew that watching the NBA free agency picks unfold would be more dramatic than watching The Real Housewives of Orange County?!

– Adrienne

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