NBA Finals predictions 2018: It can really be anyone’s game

The NBA Finals are creeping around the corner and I reached into my crystal ball to make some possible predictions.

Some of my predictions may contradict each other, but this is for argument’s sake and because I genuinely think there’s a potential for each to occur.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. The Boston Celtics actually make it to the


The team as a whole is clicking on all cylinders and has made it further than anyone could’ve predicted!

Not to mention, they’re being led by the future coach of the year aka the baby-faced thrilla, Brad Stevens.

They weren’t supposed to beat the Milwaukee Bucks and the Greek Freak, but the Bucks series was shorter than Tristan Thompson‘s cheating history.

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And they DEFINITELY weren’t supposed to beat the Philadelphia 76ers with Philly being one of the top ranked teams at the start of the season with the return of sophomore Ben Simmons

Yes, I said sophomore — let’s argue. 

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Now they’re facing LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and it still looks promising!

I say (and also pray) the series goes to a Game 7 with Boston walking away on top.

2. The Golden State Warriors win another


I mean, DUH.

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They’re honestly the best team ever and that’s just not an argument at this point.

Some may argue that because the composition of the team wasn’t organic, that automatically disqualifies them from that title.

Regardless, even a blind person could tell you regardless if it was organic or not, that team is STACKED.

Even when one player on that team has a bad day, somehow everyone else seems to get it together.

They simply can’t lose.

3. The Houston Rockets pull away with the WCF.

I know this contradicts what I said earlier, BUT there IS a chance the Rockets could do it.

It’s a slim chance, but a chance is a chance right?

We’ve already seen what could happen if only one player from the Warriors shows up — catastrophe or a win, honestly.

James Harden is a shoe in for MVP, so it’d only be fitting if his team also went to the finals.

Not to mention, I’m pretty sure if Chris Paul doesn’t get a ring, he might explode into a whiny ba–actually, never mind.

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4. Kevin Durant wins MVP for the

Warriors (again).

If the Warriors do win, I think it’ll be all thanks to Durant.

He’ll win MVP again for sure based on the pure fact that I can’t think of anyone who has shown up more for this team this season.

Durant is averaging 29 PPG,  7 RPG, and 4 APG, which is significantly better than everyone on his team, including star, Steph Curry

As for the rest of the team, they’re just a bunch of Michelles in Beyonce’s (Durant’s) world. 

5. In a wild twist of events, the Cavs win it all!

I know this sounds crazy, but I did say “in a wild twist of events,” so hear me out.

The Cavs have clearly been struggling without Kyrie Irving, and LeBron just doesn’t have the second man he needs to get to the ~promise land~.

BUT, it’d take a lot of different factors to get it together for the Cavs to win.

(Please refer to No. 2, just in case.)

ALSO here’s something to think about: IF the the Cavs do win, it would be a completely store bought “storybook ending” for James’ career.

Let’s be real, at the beginning of the season, the Cavs looked very promising, but as the season went on, they kind of faded.

They picked up a couple of generally speaking “nobodies” half way through the season and ~suddenly~ they’re the toughest team in the East?!

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Not only that, but say they beat the Warriors, who are without question the most stacked team to ever play the game.

You mean to seriously tell me one man beat the whole team the same year betting becomes legal in sports?

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AND (if I didn’t convince you yet), beating the toughest team in the NBA ever would solidify LeBron as truly above Michael Jordan.

Most (if not all) fans of basketball argue that LeBron hasn’t faced true adversity on his way to a championship and isn’t that what LeBron has always wanted? To the catch the ghost of Jordan?

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I’m not sure what will happen leading to the finals with all four teams being neck and neck!

What I do know for sure is that I’ll be rooting for my Celtics until the very end (then its baseball season y’all — Go Yankees!) 

Either way, this is sure to be an interesting finals and your girl can’t wait. Get the popcorn ready!

— Nicolette

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