TCD Exclusive: What it’s like to be president of a sorority (Delta Gamma, UCSB)

If you would have told me five years ago that I would be a “sorority girl” I would have laughed.

But I guess everyone can laugh now, because now, not only am I a sorority girl, I am president of one.

And being president of your sorority kind of makes you “THE” sorority girl.

I very recently finished serving as the President of Delta Gamma at UCSB.

It was a full time job. Being president was exhausting, yet exciting and rewarding.

Let’s just say, expect text messages and Facebook messages at every hour of the day. Oh, and meetings with advisors and meetings with Panhellenic and the school all the time.

But most importantly, being president means being the face of your sorority.

It was being a role model for 200 unbelievable women who I ironically look up to and strive to be like. And you have to balance being everyone’s friend and someone to lean on while also enforcing rules and holding everyone accountable to the same standards.

Being a sorority President is one of the biggest honors and by far one of the most rewarding experiences.

If you’re considering being president, here’s what I can tell you…

Be prepared to hear, “All you sorority girls do is party!”

Got to love stereotypes.

Yes, we like to party, but what college student doesn’t? Maybe we have more practice shotgunning beers, but hey, what’s wrong with that?

Sororities are a lot more than just the parties and the boozing though.

I have made my best friends in my sorority.

Sure, we like to party together, but we’ve also traveled together, we’ve lived together, we’ve taken late night In-N-Out trips together (way too many times, let me tell you), we’ve had spontaneous dance parties together, we’ve talked each other through some of our worst days and we know the perfect way to cheer each other up at any point in the day.

The chicks I have had the privilege of being in a sorority with are my best friends who will always have my back no matter what — all 200 of them.

Being a part of such a huge organization, you can fade into the background doing the bare minimum, or you can put yourself out there and get involved and get more out of it in return.

I for one can say that I put more into my sorority, Delta Gamma, than I ever thought was possible.

I would have never thought I’d be in a sorority let alone president.

I’m glad I went full throttle and served as president though, but being president definitely takes a certain person.

As president, you have to be someone who leads by example, can earn respect and not demand it. Being president also takes someone who can be quick to make decisions that are sometimes unfavorable but that in the end, will have the best outcome for the women you love.

It is being a part of watching your chapter succeed and grow together and it is being over 200 women’s go-to gal in time of need.

The people who you just see as friends, look up to you and see you as a friend, but also as a role model and a leader.

Not everything is fun and games though, so growing thick skin and learning to manage your time and stress will become crucial.

Just like everything in life, not everyone is always going to love you and agree with you, so you have to stick to your gut and do what is right.

Sure, you’re going to really upset some of your best friends, because they think you are taking this job too seriously. You will dread checking your phone sometimes because someone will have a complaint even when things are going great.

You will find yourself trying to please everyone and fix everything when in reality, it is not in your hands as one person.

Oh, and people forget that even though you’re the President, you also are a student who goes to class, has papers to write and finals to take. They also forget that on top of being President and being a student, you also have a social life that you would like to keep.

So, don’t feel bad for yourself when things get tough. You signed up for this, so get back on your feet and persevere.

Keep things in perspective, be true to yourself, and take time for yourself.

And remember, your same best friends who were annoyed that you implemented that one rule or made them take down their Instagram, are the same best friends that will support you and have your back no matter what.

They will know when you’re down and how to pick you up. Your true friends will never judge you and always remind you that you are doing the right thing and that is what counts.

Here’s what they don’t put in the job description…

You’ll have to be readily available at all hours of the day, be able to think on your feet in case of a crisis or emergency where your action is necessary, and have tough conversations with people who you care about.

But, honestly, those are the everyday things that you will find yourself doing if you are the president of a sorority.

It has its hardships, but being the President of Delta Gamma is hands down one of the best decisions I ever made.

Because of it I have learned valuable life lessons, I have grown as an individual, and I have become more understanding of all people.

I learned what it means to be a good friend and a leader having people depend on you and rely on you.

I learned what it is like to have people truly value what you have to say and how by being a reliable friend and leader, you can have such a huge impact on others without even knowing it.

So when things get tough and you just want to quit, take some time for yourself, crack a bottle of wine with your girlfriends and remember why the chapter chose you as their President — because they trust you and they know you are capable.

— Sara


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