Microcheating: What counts as cheating?

What really counts as cheating in a relationship? Well there’s a loaded question for you.

I mean, I think it’s hard to say since pretty much everyone would call it something different.

Let’s be honest, girls are crazy when it comes to their man. Some are more lenient and trusting enough to let things slide, while others will just about rip their man’s head off if he even looks twice at another girl.

Regardless of how you define it, I think we can all agree on one thing — cheating is NEVER ok.



Really, how hard is it to stay loyal?

And did you ever put yourself in the other person’s shoes? You’d be pretty upset if you were cheated on, right? So then what makes it ok when you do it? Nothing.

Physical cheating

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The first thing that comes to mind for most people when they hear “he cheated on me” is he kissed or hooked up with someone else.

Well DUH, that one is obvious isn’t it?

That’s a red flag.

Still, some girls think a make out at the bar or a kiss on drunken night is not a big deal. That’s BEYOND ME.

If he wants and feels the need to hook up with other girls — why should you be OK with that? You can do better.

Emotionally cheating

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But then there’s that grey area that not every girl agrees about.

Emotionally investing in another girl is a huge no, no for most people. Texting, flirting, Facebook messaging, you name it. Pictures being sent back and forth? Some kind of raunch?

Honestly, not sure how anyone can say that doesn’t count as cheating but damn — there are people who don’t count that.

Once you establish an emotional connection with another girl/guy you give your partner a reason to be threatened.

Sure, you can say it’s not technically cheating if there is no physical contact.

But I think most of us gals can agree that finding out your man has been talking to another girl and emotionally investing time in her, that we would be devastated and pretty damn furious. Maybe even worse then him getting wasted in the club and making out with some rando and not remembering it.

Personally, I would say emotional cheating is way more damaging than hearing that your man screwed up and drunkenly kissed another girl at a bar — even though neither of the two is excusable.

Drunk cheating

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Don’t even get me started on the excuse of, “I was drunk it meant nothing.”

While alcohol definitely fogs our judgment and makes us act a little out of character sometimes (we can pretty much all relate to that), being drunk is never an excuse for cheating.

If drunken words are sober thoughts then aren’t drunken actions just acting on sober thoughts? Let that sink in.

Bottom line…

I understand that you can be attracted to more than one person at a time, but if you are in a committed relationship then you better stay faithful and treat your girl or man with some respect.

If you can’t control yourself than you don’t deserve her, or anyone for that matter.

Why are you even in a relationship?


If you feel the need to text and flirt with another girl and send her mirror selfies shirtless, think about how you’d feel if your lady was doing the same thing? Bad. Guess what? That’s emotional cheating AKA CHEATING.

You drunkenly make out with a girl at the bar? C’mon, first off. But, yep, there’s physical cheating AKA CHEATING.


Whether or not you decide to forgive the cheater is up to you but proceed with caution. My momma told “Once a cheater, always a cheater” and that much has always been true to me.

And to the man who ever cheats on me or one of my girls, expect us to slash a hole in all four tires, cause then maybe the next time you’ll think before you cheat.


Shout out to our girl Carrie Underwood!

— Sara

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