Nicolette bio pic

What’s shaking everyone!? My name is Nicolette!

I’m 25 years young & your designated firecracker hailing from Spanish Harlem in New York City.
I graduated from Marquette University in 2014 with a B.A. in broadcast journalism. When I wasn’t shotgunning beers, eating cheese or trying to figure out how “bubbler” means ‘water fountain’ (ohhh Wisconsin), I was playing defense for my university’s lacrosse team. Oh yeah — that’s right, don’t let this pretty face fool you.
I am one feisty and sometimes overly competitive siren who will fiercely (and annoyingly) defend all New York sports teams till I’m blue in the face! (Except the Knicks — y’all are on your own. Go Celtics!)
They say, “Get you a girl that can do both,” and look no further than yours truly. Besides being obsessed with sports, I also love cooking, traveling, dancing and thrill seeking! I’m always down for a new adventure and will try anything at least once!
New York City is the concrete jungle and I am it’s lioness, so if you’re looking to challenge a girl with some bite — you found her.
Twitter: @shabba_bear
Instagram: @shabba.bear