Hey everyone, I’m Nicki!

I was born in Colorado, but have lived literally EVERYWHERE — Ohio (twice), Indiana, Utah, Georgia and Florida.

Why so many moves? Well, that’s what happens when your dad is Urban Meyer!

Growing up with my dad as a coach, I’ve had to learn to make new friends quickly and have thick skin because of all the haters! But one thing I learned to do quickly (and was good at) is watching and talking football with the boys.

I went to Georgia Tech and played volleyball where I was the libero. I also met my husband, Corey, while he was playing football there. Now, he coaches for my dad!

I’m very close with my family and they are seriously my life — especially my 1-year-old son, Troy!

I love to workout and you can almost always find me running (well, when it’s not 0 degrees out). I’m also a total groupie of SOS (System Of Strength), where my SOS girls at?!

Now, I work for AccelWELL, a corporate wellness and culture building company. I helped found the company four years ago and it is my absolute passion!

As for drink of choice, I drink red wine almost exclusively. I’m always on the hunt for a new good red and love going wine tasting.

Current obsession: Peaky Blinders — Netflix and chill, literally.