Hey guys, I’m Deiondra!

I was born in Atlanta and raised in Texas where football is larger than life. And when your dad is Deion Sanders aka PrimeTime, football really is life!

Growing up, I got to meet so many amazing people and lived the dream any kid would want to. It really was a blessing.

After high school, I attended TSU and then went on to nursing school, but realized it wasn’t really for me. Now, I’m a medical assistant and opened up my own business — PrimeTime Hair! I’m also part CEO of the Well Off Forever clothing line.

I enjoy reading, writing and hanging with friends and of course watching football! Plus, I love to travel.

My personality can be described as outgoing and spontaneous, but sometimes I can be shy — my close friends call me grandma. LOL!

When it comes to my drink of choice, pop the champagne, baby!




Instagram: deiondrasanders