Hey y’all!

I’m Amanda Briggs — THE Amanda Briggs (just kidding… maybe not).

I’m your classic, down right southern belle with all of the charm (and sass) included. Oh, and I really love sports.

I’m 21 years young and about to start my senior year at the very best university on earth, Texas Tech. I was born and raised a Red Raider since both of my parents are alumnae, but I also grew up in Lubbock, TX. It’s truly the best of both worlds living in college town in the middle of the Bible Belt! Bible studies with beer, anyone?

My two loves in life happen to be sports and fashion. In fact, I work at a local boutique, Hemline, and for Texas Tech’s Athletics Broadcasting Services.

I grew up as a daddy’s girl (still am), and I’m grateful to say he’s taught me everything I know about sports. To say I’m one of the guys is an understatement.

From the moment I saw Erin Andrews on College Game Day, I knew I wanted to be just like her. Years later, nothing’s changed.

My teams are Texas Tech in all things (clearly), the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Astros. I’ve also hopped on the Kansas City Chiefs bandwagon for “Ma-homie” (that was so cheesy, please don’t judge me).

If you know me at all—don’t badmouth any of my guys or you’ll regret it.

Don’t believe my sports knowledge? Go ahead, test me. I love putting people in their place. 😉

Hopefully y’all will enjoy my competitive, sassy takes on the sports world.

As always, bless your heart.