Yo everyone, it’s Alex!

First off, a huge part of my story starts with my dad. My dad (Mark Schlereth) played in the NFL for 12 years (won three Super Bowls) and now, he’s an NFL analyst on Fox Sports 1.

Pretty unconventional way to grow up, right? Needless to say, I pretty much grew up in a stadium.

I’ve always loved sports, being at a ball field feels like home. Crowd noise is comforting to me. Knowing the game has always been effortless to me, but I avoided working in sports. Why? I never wanted to be thought of as the girl that was “riding her father’s coattails.”

So instead of starting in the sports industry, I moved to LA to be an actress. I worked on some soaps before one thing lead to the next and I was working in the sports industry!

I started out co-hosting a show for Fox Sports called “BarFly” then went on to work at 120 Sports in Chicago. After a couple years, I started to get the itch to move back to LA. Now I’m back in sunny SoCal and I work at ReachMeTV!

If you need me, I’m probably sitting on a couch somewhere, with my sneakers kicked up and a game on!



Instagram: @alexandriaschlereth
Twitter: @alexschlereth