Hey party people! If you don’t already know me, I’m Hailey!

I’m 27 years young & graduated from the University of Arizona (on time). While at U of A, I received my undergraduate degree with a major in Communications and a minor in Business. Besides that piece of paper, I did graduate with Honors achievements in Partying from the school of “Playboy” & “BroBible.” #BEARDOWN

Now I work in a very male driven industry as an audio visual technology sales representative. So I’m used to competing with, and bro-talking with the boys while also looking fabulous. What girl doesn’t like to close deals in heels?

My life revolves around the following F words: family, friends, faith, & fun. And sure, from time to time I may slip up and hear a different F word come out of my mouth (no one’s perfect).

Not only was I an athlete, but sports run in my blood — let’s just say, competitive is an understatement. Call me a ‘catch’ if you will, although, there is some irony in that analogy considering I do seriously lack in hand-eye coordination. And by lack, I mean I have NONE. So fine, you can beat me there.

Now when it comes to The Coaches’ Daughters, don’t take yourself (or me) too seriously.



Instagram: @hschellin
Twitter: @HMSchellin

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