Hey, hey Courtney here!

I’m a Southern California girl with a touch of that sweet southern charm thanks to the four years I spent in Dallas, Texas attending college at Southern Methodist University. So I know what you’re thinking… Blonde California bimbo trying to get famous using Daddy’s credit card to do so, right? Think again.

Yes, I grew up my whole life as a little catholic school girl, but let’s just say I was far from that persona. My rebel yell and mouthy firecracker personality could hardly be tamed when it came to challenging the boys in any sport or sports argument. Doppelgänger was 100% equivalent to little miss Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans. I was a child obsessed.

I would sit and watch every game intensely with my Dad and when the sideline reporters would come on he would mute the TV and I would ask the questions. If my questions sucked? Too bad you’re fired, my dad would say. Try again.

I took this passion with me all the way to college where I pursued my dream of becoming a sports reporter in where else, but Dallas, Texas, the haven for all football fans. Once at SMU, I realized the journalism department had this beautiful new control room, but only one news show to show for it. No sports show? Not if I had anything to say about it.

Before I graduated, I was able to act as the executive producer behind the university’s first ever student run sports show. And you guessed it, I was the only female part of the founders.
Oh, and if that’s not enough for some credibility, I graduated with a 3.5 GPA as a double major with a BA in journalism and a BS in sport management, all while being an active member of my sorority and the cheer squad. If I’m being honest, I really deserved an extra degree for beer bongs and boulevard tailgates too.

And that’s not even including my jobs with the Dallas Cowboys, Dave Campbells Texas Football and ESPN. In other words, you’ve probably already read some of my work online or watched some of my highlights on Sportscenter and didn’t even know it. Who says the girls can’t keep up with the boys when it comes to the sports world?

Go big or go home right? I’m always up for a challenge so I dare you, bring it on!

Another thing: Did I mention I am the founder & managing editor of this website?

Enjoy folks!


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