carly 3

Hey guys, I’m Carly!

I’m twenty-five years young and I’ve put in my time at Colorado State University, University of Florida and am currently working towards becoming Carly Hurley-Evert BSN, RN at Austin Peay State University with a little journalism on the side.

I may be a new mom, but I’m a mom that can shoot, hunt and fish better than one of the boys.

My perfect sports day would be the Packers beating the Bears, Ducks beating the Blackhawks and the Irish beating USC and the Gators chompin’ on some dawgs. GATOR BAIT!

I co-manage an opinion-based blog and avidly keep up with my sports game. Try me out for NFL stats, I like a good knockout round. 
Just because I’m domesticated doesn’t mean I’ll behave nicely.


Carly Kiss